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Pro tip: Always stick to the list.
The way I did my groceries changed after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic and we were all forced to stay inside. For one thing, I cook more now out of necessity. What I didn't expect, however, is how much
Long lines are your life now.
Long lines, strict checkpoints, sold out goods, and empty malls. Welcome to the life of the quarantine tribute.When the pandemic struck, the government only allowed one person to go out to get essential goods like food and medicine. Being the first-
Sesame oil, cumin, and more!
Before the enhanced community quarantine, I was living that salt and pepper life (and mostly on eggs 'cause it was all I could make outside of canned goods). But quarantine forced me to explore all the aisles in the grocery and
Adulting in the time of COVID-19.
Think about what your routine was like before quarantine: How often did you go to the grocery? How many times a week did you make your baon? What were the things you spent your money on? Cut to today, things have probably