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And he responded.
UPDATED on January 18, 2019, 3:11 p.m.: Leyte Normal University has responded to the viral photo. In a post on the LNU-Supreme Student Council Facebook page, a letter addressed to Manny, Bretman, and "to the others whose images appeared"
'This is both satisfying and disgusting.'
Not that we're complaining or anything, but girls go through shitload of things to maintain appearances. From brow cleaning to sheet masking to mani-pedi sessions, it takes work to look a certain way-and we've all accepted that and
Right after he geeks out.
If your boyfriend's skincare routine involves washing his face with the same soap he uses for his body, we feel ya. Getting guys to be more conscientious about their skin is no easy battle-if we could double cleanse and moisturize
Because who else will?
When it comes to skincare and hygiene, some guys can be so stubborn. Here, 10 ~*Beauty*~ things you should definitely teach your man, because there's nothing like a guy with fantastic grooming habits:1. Regularly washing and exfoliating. You'd be
Girl, put down that tweezer! Thick brows are back, and they're sexier than ever.
Looking for a quick and easy way to get a makeover this summer? Head to a professional brow studio where you can get excess hair threaded or waxed. While it's okay to pluck stray hair once in a while, the last
Even stars can go on the cheap! We got the hunky model and actor to reveal his personal money-saving tricks and <i>sulit</i> product finds.
Who knew model and actor Victor Basa had some cheap tricks to share? He may be a celebrity endorser for clothing retailer Penshoppe, a shutterbug who shares snapshots chronicling his classy tastes and travels around the world via his blog, and the
Did you know you can gain a lot of insight about a new guy simply by looking at his 'do? Keep these in mind while you scope out hot guys this summer!
If his hair is...Short and TidyIt means: He's a little fussy or he may be a little punk-rock. Regardless, he's a leader.If his hair is...Loose and LongIt means: If it's flawlessly styled and well-maintained,
Beauty columnist Bianca Valerio lets you in on the latest remedy for your man's thinning hair.
As young girls, we all wanted to meet our knight in shining armor, but let's not confuse the shine of armor with that of a severely receding hairline! October may be Breast Cancer Awareness month for gals, but that's not
Take the holidays as an opportunity to upgrade his closet and <em>pa-pogi</em> habits. See 60 top picks in 12 categories.
Let your <em>kikay</em> side rub off on him a little. He needs his own set of beauty products, too.
Want to know if that cutie's got partner potential? Cosmo consulted a team of experts to help you size him up with just a once-over!
His Hair Hair is to guys as body is to girls. Think: Samson's power from his strands. So it sometimes follows that the dude with the shampoo-commercial coif has an ego the size of Central Luzon. "The more hair a
The former beauty queen finds fulfillment in empowering Pinoys and guiding them toward professional success.