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It's not all wrinkles and bills!
1. You have more control over your own life. Now that you're financially independent, you can move out of your parents' home, take that job offer in Singapore, and basically be your own woman, everyone else be damned! (JK, you should
Money matters A LOT.
1. You have very few real friends. Socializing was easier in high school and college because you saw those same people every single day. It was effortless. But when you're sent out into the real world, you become focused on finding
She's a Teen Queen no more.
Kathryn Bernardo has officially said goodbye to her teen years. After turning 20 years old on March 26, the Kapamilya star is trading her crown as the Teen Queen-a title she's comfortably owned up to these past years-for all
No more summer vacays! HUHU.
Giphy.com1. You get jaded.Getting jaded is part of life, and this isn't exactly such a negative thing considering it brings us to the reality that there are bad things in the world. Still, a part of you wishes 1)
Have you gone through the hashtag #GrowingUpAGirl on Twitter? Check out some of the things we found:1. First, the hashtag covered common period problems.-#GrowingUpAGirl when you don't know if it's a stomach ache or cramps-2. Then people
If you thought your first kiss was awkward, imagine having it with braces.
1. Picking out a color for your braces' elastics. Especially hard if you're naturally indecisive, and your dentist presents you with every color under the rainbow. Some elastics even have glitters! I'm going to wear this color on my teeth
When we saw the hashtag #GrowingUpWithSiblings trending on Twitter, we just had to read all the tweets about it and share the LOLs with all of you.1. When they prepare something to eat and you ask for a bit of it,
In life and love.
1. People will constantly walk in and out of your life. People change over time. They may fit in your life right now, but things may be different a few years down the road. So just enjoy their company and learn from
You have ONE drink.
1. You go to parties, but you don't go out to party. You go out to see your friends who are having birthdays or going away parties or engagement parties, but you don't go there to drink for free or
So what if you saw a strand of white hair?
1. You can leave parties earlier.Maybe it's because you've got a boyfriend, husband, cat, dog, or baby at home. Or maybe it's because you're all "I'M OLD! SEE YA!" Either way, it's liberating to ditch
You've seen clothing in stores and thought, "I'm too old for that."
1. All you want is time to do nothing. If you're not getting paper towels you forgot you ran out of or paying a bill or vacuuming since you haven't in four weeks and you feel thoroughly disgusted with yourself,