Photos of Harry Styles' newest campaign for Gucci are out, and it's making us love the former One Direction member even more. Harry was photographed by Glen Luchford in the Villa Lante in Rome and is seen out it
You can't go wrong with any of these classic styles.
A shoe has evolved into much more than just protective footwear. It's an expression of style, and for some, a coveted design piece.Here we round up the most iconic pairs of designer shoes of all time.The Pigalle Pump
Your wallet will thank you for it.
If you've been drooling over Gucci's super embroidered Ace sneakers but just can't justify the hefty price tag-let's be real, you can fund a trip to an Asian destination with P35,000-you're better off searching
In case you were wondering...
You've likely seen these designer t-shirts making the rounds on social media-one was even *gasp* recently embroiled in a scandal-and probably wondered what the fuss was all about. We initially doubted them, too, probably because they brought back
With a sky-high price tag to boot.
We'd totally let it slide if you think this IG-worthy t-shirt is a blatant rip-off-especially if you've seen this. But hey, it's actually not, and it's got a sky-high price tag as proof.
This is kind of amazing, actually.
Instagram/gucciArrivederci, Italy! For Cruise 2017, Gucci will vacate the nation in favor of London and a rather hallowed venue: Westminster Abbey. Yup, that's the same place where Kate Middleton wedded Prince William, and where people like Isaac Newton and Charles
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