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How much do you love siomai?
Among all the affordable food out there, siomai's probably one of the top most sulit ones. Siomai stalls can be seen in the food courts of practically every mall and rarely do we see one without customers. These steamed dumplings
A much-needed ~investigation~.
Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I love anything eyebrow-related. I love trying out new kilay products in the hopes of finding a new holy grail item. I also like grooming my arches and making sure they&#
Go and get a massage, you deserve it!
Uyyy, congrats! You managed to survive yet another long work week!It's the weekend aka the perfect time to recharge and unwind kasi deserve mo mag-relax. What better way to do so than by asking someone with ~*magic hands*~ to
We did the math!
Being Asian, most of us were born with stubborn, stick-straight lashes that can't hold a curl. This is why we turn to a good mascara to help us because a few coats of it can *immediately* transform our entire
We did all the ~work~ for you!
If you're someone who's constantly on the go, the fastest way to look presentable is to fill in your kilay. An even quicker way to appear polished? Brush on some eyebrow gel-it will tame unruly arches and
Shop wisely!
We'll always love lip and cheek tints because they're easy to use and come at affordable price tags. They also last longer than our past relationships, LOL. TBH, we think we can survive a day with just a
Cost-per-use is important!
Pimple patches or acne stickers are life-changing products. Here are the reasons to keep them in your emergency pimple care kit:If you're intrigued, read on to find out the most sulit pimple patch purchase. We computed the price
Some much-needed information.
Here at, we absolutely love liquid lipsticks. They're fuss-free, easy-to-use and don't call for frequent touch-ups. They do, however, require some prep to ensure a smooth and flawless base. Enter: Lip balms.
Let's compare and discuss!
Here at, we love finding out which products are worth our hard-earned money. For today's installment of Guiltless Gastos (We've got a bunch already up, BTW.), we compared the prices, weight, and ~glow factor~ of
Which one is the most sulit?
The only bad thing about donuts is how fast they disappear. One minute, you're holding this beautiful round dessert between two fingers, and the next, it's gone. If you're lucky, puwede ka pa kumuha ng isa
An ~investigation~.
We love cream blushes because they give our cheeks a "fresh lang" glow. Their satin and dewy finishes make us look like we just worked out! They're also easy to use: You can apply them with your fingers, a brush,
In case you were wondering.
You check the clock: It's 3:30 p.m. It's usually around this time when you stand up, stretch, look over your office BFFs desk to see what she's working on (and to check if you
Is it really worth the price?
I love wearing sleeveless tops because I believe that when my arms are exposed, my petite frame would look taller. So, I always made sure that my underarms were hair-free. When I was younger, I would always pluck the hairs. But.
We've always been curious, so we fry-nally got to the bottom of it.
Have you ever noticed how when you buy french fries, you start by eating one fry at a time, until you get a little more real with yourself? And if it's just a side order that comes with your fast
We ordered Pearl Milk Tea drinks from five different brands and counted for you.
Picture this: It's 3:00 p.m., hindi ka pa tapos sa trabaho mo, hindi mo rin alam kung kailan ka makakauwi, and you try to think of something to make the day less stressful. For many of us (yung