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They may sound a bit insane but are all actually totally legit.
1. He never cries. If you're balling your eyes out at a YouTube video of an elderly couple explaining how they've kept their love alive for 70 years, and he doesn't so much as bat an eyelid he's
You always worry before introducing him to new people.
Obviously, all relationships have their little issues, so speaking up about what bothers you is crucial. It's OK if your partner's done maybe one or two of these, but if you find yourself constantly wondering if your S.O. is
He lets you be your own person.
Instagram/jaye.wolf1. He asks about how your friend Bea is doing after her breakup. Him caring about your friends and asking about them later not only shows that he's a caring person, but he's invested in your life and
Nawala na lang siya ng parang bula.
Most women have probably experienced this: They go out with a seemingly nice guy and constantly message sweet nothings to each other; but as the days pass by, the calls lessen, the conversations become staler, and before you know it, communication is
Six-pack abs don't make a man.
What kind of girlfriends and partners would we be if we didn't encourage our guys to be a good man, even a great one? It isn't enough that they're good. We want them to be the best they can
Why do we get such a bad rap?
Sometimes guys get unfairly stereotyped as being callous and unfeeling; more interested in THE BIG SPORTS GAME and BEER DRINKING than being romantic. But that's not true. We might not have spent our adolescence scrapbooking our dream wedding or anything, but
Besides, like, peeing.
Yeah, yeah, it's the age-old stereotype that women take too long in the bathroom (cue laugh track). But guys get preoccupied in there too. Here's what we do when we're "getting ready" for longer than 10 minutes.1.
Why would anyone do this to themselves?
I don't even like putting lotion on my hands in the winter, to the point where my hands wind up dry and cracked. I pick at my nails. I probably use all the wrong shower gels and shampoos. I honestly don'
"I can't help it. I just look like an idiot when I smile."
Robbie Sherrard breaks down why you should never take picture of a guy and how it's essentially torture. "For girls, it makes sense," Sherrard explains. "They're visually interesting: their hair, their smile." But for guys, it's all pit stains
Whether or not he can actually fix any of this stuff, saying "I don't know how to do that" will make him look less manly, so he's always going to reply, "I got this."
1. Your oil. Even if he doesn't know how to change your oil, any boyfriend or male friend you ask about it will tell you they totally know how while frantically Googling it on their phone after they realize it isn'
"I hope no one challenges me to a dance-off. Do people still do those?"
1. I should make it incredibly obvious that I'm doing this ironically. I'll just keep doing the Shopping Cart so everyone knows I'm not taking this seriously.2. This just feels like we're having sex. This grinding is
One Reddit user talked about starting testosterone treatments after a lifetime of hormone disorder.
One intrepid Reddit user, appropriately named 20yearsyoung, opened up about the treatment he's receiving for a hormone disorder that has postponed his puberty. A new medication he's on is now inducing puberty at age 21, and he talked about what
"Yes, of course I'm single."
1. "I don't have a girlfriend. I've been single for a while now." Okay, cool. So why does your Facebook profile say "In a relationship" with *insert girlfriend's name*? If you were going to lie about that, maybe you
It's a guy thing.
1. VideogamesYes, he spends so much money on it and for it, but there's no reason to get jealous. It's just a machine! And if you can play Candy Crush and Diner Dash all day on your smartphones, don't
Because not all guys are jerks.
1. He will help you decipher other guys' cryptic messages and behavior.Spoiler alert: they aren't always cryptic; we usually just tend to overthink things. Your guy best friend can provide insight better than your girlfriends (because duh, he's a
"Sorry I'm late. I spent an hour trying to figure out if tucking my shirt in made me look nerdy, or mature and dependable."
1. Statistically, what's the best way to avoid crushing loneliness? Nothing gives you more anxiety than seeing data about how you're going to spend the rest of your life alone. Should you meet someone at a bar? What is the
"For the boys only."
Don't be surprised if there are certain activities your guy reserves for himself or his bros. As you gals probably already know, the more masculine (and sometimes less polite, less polished, and less subtle) of the sexes harbor behaviors that they'
Did we say "secret?" No, guys are actually proud.
Girly things are for girls, which is why they're called, you know, girly-but the great secret is that they could be for men, too. Guys aren't even conscious about doing it, which makes us wonder why they were tagged
Our guy pal shares why men send mixed signals.
Know this: If we men could buy a switch that lets us turn it on whenever you need us to, we would. We're tired but you're feeling frisky? No problem. It's UAAP season but you need someone to talk