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Asking your guy to quit smoking, for example, is no picnic. Our hints on tackling touchy topics will help.
1. Open up to him. Broach the topic when you're alone and calm, but don't nag. "Nothing dampens a person's will to change faster than belittlement," says James Claiborn, PhD, coauthor of The Habit Change Workbook. Instead, be direct. "
There are some things that are just not worth giving your man (and yourself!) a hard time about.
No matter how many times we tell you that our guys' nights-out are (mostly) innocent or explain that we just don't feel like talking some nights, you still freak out. Trust us, the following things aren't worth all that
Here, some fascinating facts about male behavior to help us try to figure men out.
No doubt, your man's "typical guy behavior" (keeping his feelings top-secret, playing b-ball with his dirty socks, calling you "right back" two hours later) has been so exasperating at times that you've wanted to wring his neck. Well,
Without even talking to that guy you're eyeing, size him up through his stance.
His Legs. If he has a narrow stance, he feels vulnerable. If he has a wide stance, however, he's conveying that he can't be pushed around.His Feet. They'll face toward whatever he's interested in. So if they
The guy you're seeing may seem smooth and confident when you're together, but he does have panic buttons. Here, what he's secretly insecure about.
1. His cash flow. Dudes with money often worry that you're only interested in their wallets, especially if you ask a lot about their jobs and lifestyle, while broke guys fear they can't afford to date you. Ask a guy
Not sure whether the dude you're dating is prepared to bump things up to the next level? Watch for these behavior indicators.
1. He mixes up your time together. On official dates, a guy tends to be on his best behavior...and that's hard to sustain. If he's interested in merging you into his life, he'll include you in a whole
Start your week right with a hefty dose of hot men! Our final go-see attracted <i>plenty</i> of hunky guys--enjoy browsing 160+ exclusive outtakes!
To make sure we gave every last hot bachelor hopeful a shot, we held our fourth and final leg of the Cosmo Bachelor Search last July 2 here at the Cosmo headquarters--and boy, was the turn out great! (If you haven'
A dude divulges how to help you manage and deal with your man's gaming habits.
There are quite a few things about us that boggle the imagination-such as our insatiable penchant for beer and televised sports, and yes, our love for video games. 1. Old School Is CoolMost guys have been gaming at a very early
At one point, we've all dated a cocky player. Here's how to detect a dick from as far as 50 feet away, or when he's staring you in the face.
Even if you've never fallen for one of them firsthand, you know they're out there: super charming dudes who sweep women off their feet, take them for the most flirtatious, flattering, and maybe sexual ride of their life, and then-
Just got out of a long-term relationship? Bounce back, move on, but don't get into <i>another</i> rel too fast. Experts say why it isn't smart.
We all know that girl--the one who always has a new guy. Even after a breakup, she's "seriously in love" again within weeks. Celebs do it too. Take Drew Barrymore, who constantly has a guy in her string; or Sienna
His fitness, drinking habits, and <i>waistline</i> are just some of the things that will tell you <i>loads</i> about a guy's libido <i>and</i> reproductive health at a glance.
The dude you're after may talk sexy and wear super-tight, bulge-bearing jeans, but that doesn't mean he has what it takes to keep up with you in the sack...or get you knocked up when you're ready.
Learn how to know he's into you, make him fall in love, where to kiss him for it to really count, and a bunch of other male facts to add to your stock knowledge.
We know that with school or work piling up, you girls are hardly excited to study anything extra. But, there's always an exception: the mysterious ways of men. They never fail to confound us, which means we'll never give up
Want to score a lasting relationship? Based on where a guy is in his life, find out what he will need (and can offer you) as a partner.
A guy's age used to be a fairly reliable gauge of his dating and sex styles. You could count on the fact that at 20, he'd be a player, and by 28, he'd be wife-shopping. But recently, the
We want to have things our way...but we do want a man who <i>can</i> take control. Read on to see how to keep your power while you get him to step up.
The best way to give your guy maximum pleasure is to pay attention to arousal cues--and then rock his bod and blow his mind with these tips.
Wouldn't you love to crawl inside his head-and body-to find out exactly what sex feels like from a dude's point of view? Whether it's your first time with a new lover, or the nth time with your
Before taking things to the next level, see if the man you're dating possesses the essential qualities of your new boyfriend.
You get butterflies when you see him, your heart pounds if he calls, and kissing him literally causes goose bumps. With chemistry this amazing, you'd figure you're destined to be together. As it turns out, not necessarily. "We often mistake
On his final week as Cosmo's hottie of the month, we tried to break into his sexy side.
For the past three weeks, we got to know Gino Dela Pena better (we bet that you now know more about him than just "He's the guy from the McDo commercial!"). We tried to tap into his romantic side as a
It may be hard for him to utter those three little words, but these tell-tale actions show you what his mouth would never divulge.
Jumping in front of a bullet...scaling Mt. Apo with minimal food and water...for the average dude, these acts of bravado are child's play next to saying he loves you. That's because unlike women, men just aren't hardwired