Want to know just how serious he is about you? These behaviors signal that he's ready to take the relationship to a deeper level.
1. He starts talking specifics.If "We should take a trip sometime" has become "Let's go to Boracay for the holidays," your guy is sending a strong signal. Making concrete plans indicates not only that he sees you in his future,
Asking your guy to quit smoking, for example, is no picnic. Our hints on tackling touchy topics will help.
1. Open up to him. Broach the topic when you're alone and calm, but don't nag. "Nothing dampens a person's will to change faster than belittlement," says James Claiborn, PhD, coauthor of The Habit Change Workbook. Instead, be direct. "
There are some things that are just not worth giving your man (and yourself!) a hard time about.
No matter how many times we tell you that our guys' nights-out are (mostly) innocent or explain that we just don't feel like talking some nights, you still freak out. Trust us, the following things aren't worth all that
Here, some fascinating facts about male behavior to help us try to figure men out.
No doubt, your man's "typical guy behavior" (keeping his feelings top-secret, playing b-ball with his dirty socks, calling you "right back" two hours later) has been so exasperating at times that you've wanted to wring his neck. Well,
Without even talking to that guy you're eyeing, size him up through his stance.
His Legs. If he has a narrow stance, he feels vulnerable. If he has a wide stance, however, he's conveying that he can't be pushed around.His Feet. They'll face toward whatever he's interested in. So if they
The guy you're seeing may seem smooth and confident when you're together, but he does have panic buttons. Here, what he's secretly insecure about.
1. His cash flow. Dudes with money often worry that you're only interested in their wallets, especially if you ask a lot about their jobs and lifestyle, while broke guys fear they can't afford to date you. Ask a guy
Not sure whether the dude you're dating is prepared to bump things up to the next level? Watch for these behavior indicators.
1. He mixes up your time together. On official dates, a guy tends to be on his best behavior...and that's hard to sustain. If he's interested in merging you into his life, he'll include you in a whole
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