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The right swipes don't lie.
Despite what our parents want us to believe, not every single person is desperate to marry a doctor.In fact, you may be surprised by the jobs people find most attractive-at least on Tinder. The popular dating app released a list
It takes a certain set of skills.
They say that "those who can't do, teach" and while it normally applies to teachers... the same can be said of wingmen and wingwomen. Those who can't or won't try to get laid can still go
'I'm really happy I have her to keep me in check.'
When it comes to relationships, it's always nice to find someone who challenges you to be better. Whether that means finding a partner who pushes you out of your comfort zone or just one who reminds you to shower once
They're all about PDA!
ICYDK, we've showcased 10 guys who keep their relationships off social media. They talked about the sanctity of having a private life. And that's admirable! But as it turns out, it's possible to protect a relationship
Be very glad these haven't happened to you.
There's a lot of pressure to perform during sex. Not only do you want to impress your partner, you're also both naked and in compromising positions. Combine those two things and the likelihood of things getting embarrassing is pretty
These guys aren't experts, but they do know their blow jobs.
There's no one way to give a blow job. While the basics are pretty straightforward, there are tons of ways to take things to the next level. What better way to learn what actually works than to ask some real