'I'm grateful for how awesome and amazing I feel on the inside.'
Yesterday, September 20, Maxene Magalona took to Instagram to share about her weight loss journey by posting before and after photos of herself. In her caption, Maxene explained that she's been able to lose 30 lbs in one year with
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The rainy season is officially here which only means working out just became 10 times harder. But! If your fave celebs can do it, you can surely do it, too! For a bit of much needed inspiration, here are a couple of
Enough already.
1. Fat women are new to the gym.I can't even begin to tell you how many times people-gym rats and trainers alike-have come up to me to ask if it was my first time working out at the
It's not that we're trying to put you off going to the gym forever, but if you were looking for an excuse to swap the treadmill for the park, well, we've found one. Turns out that, while all that
You'd better kiss goodbye to all your favorite restaurants.
1. There will always be more than just the two of you. Understand that you are about to embark on a love triangle comprising of you, your boyfriend, and the G word. Yes, that's the gym.2. Lazy Sundays spent together 
How to get over your gymtimidation.
One of the biggest reasons most people don't go to the gym is because they feel insecure about being there. There's a lot of anxiety about feeling like you're on display or you're not performing well enough or
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