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What *exactly* does the pill do to your body?
Did you know that Pinoys Googled "birth control pills" the most in the first trimester of 2021? A recent study by the iPrice Group shows that in the Philippines, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rising interest in
Including the factors to consider in choosing the right one for you.
Here's an interesting fact you might not know about: According to a recent study by the iPrice Group, results show that in the Philippines, there has been a rising interest in birth control. It seems like now more than ever,
An OB-GYN shares tips on what you need to know before making the switch.
Q: Lately, napansin ko na nagiging uso ang menstrual cups. Gusto ko siyang i-try kasi based on what I've heard and seen online, mas makakatipid ka talaga dahil hindi mo na kailangan bumili ng napkins or tampons every month.
It can detect early signs of cervical cancer.
Q: I'm getting a pap smear for the first time. When I asked my friends who have already gotten it, sabi nila masakit daw. From what I heard, the doctor will insert a medical tool inside your vagina and tbh,
These are special times and you have to make sure you're ready.
Q: My partner and I have been trying to get pregnant but we're still very much concerned since there's still the COVID-19 pandemic. Siyempre, gusto namin siguraduhin na our baby will be healthy and we don'
Including other emergency contraception methods you need to know about.
Even if our country has already implemented the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health (RH) law where women are given access to more birth control, Plan B (aka the "morning-after" pill) is still not available in the Philippines. So, what do you
Everything you need to know about the causes, symptoms, and how to prevent it.
When I first got my period, the only menstrual product I ever used (and knew about) were sanitary napkins or pads. For the longest time, I turned to pads because they were accessible, affordable, and easy to use. When I got to
Congratulations, Assunta and Jules!
Update: July 7, 2020Excited mom-to-be Assunta shared the first pics of her ultrasound as she's five months pregnant! She wrote: "Hmm... my little miracle from heaven is being pasaway. Alam na kung kanino nagmana! But seriously, I'm
Trust: You’ll never regret asking these Qs.
Your gynecologist knows your vag inside and out (literally), but it can still be embarrassing to ask the questions we really want to get off our chests. But, seriously, it's impossible to embarrass a gyno-they've heard (and seen) it
Nothing is off-limits to your gynecologist.
If you've never paid a visit to a gynecologist, then there's no time like the present! Gynecologists specialize in female healthcare and treating diseases of the female reproductive organs, so virgin or not, get ready for some straightforward
'Doktora, wala akong ma-detect na heartbeat.'
When a friend or acquaintance of yours suffers a miscarriage, have you noticed how you speak about in hushed tones, in vague statements? You know it's a terrible thing, but you don't quite understand what it is, how
You can relax now.
Going to the gynecologist can be nerve-racking. They're asking you all these questions about your sexual history and your vagina is laid as bare as the new-fallen snow. It's stressful AF, and you might be wondering what's
Your gyno isn't judging you, they're just trying to help.
It's really tempting to lie to your gyno. You're embarrassed, you feel awkward, or maybe you just think it's none of her business. But lying to them (or lying by omission) could be hurting your health. I called up
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Now that the RH Bill has been officially passed as a law, it is important for all Cosmo readers to take responsibility. First step: being informed. To fully understand all there is to know about contraceptives, we are consulting a gynecologist to
The vagina is as mysterious as it is delicate. Here's some pretty important info you can use to stay fresh and healthy down there.
Like most women in the country, there are probably a lot of things you wonder about your intimate area but wouldn't dare ask your gynecologist. We shed some light on the weird things about your lady bits, and you'll find
...that is, when you've already started doing the deed. Could be hard, but it can do you good.