Bye to guys who watch your stories but won't text back.
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You win some, you learn some.
1. Showing up late and thinking it's okay or even cuteIt's laughable how much we rely on the concept of "Filipino time" whenever we're late to a meeting, appointment, or hangout. You can blame EDSA and the traffic all
It's time to get rid of these habits!
1. Partying like you've just turned 18.While there's nothing wrong with having a night out with your friends, always remember that you're no longer a teen, and you need to practice responsible drinking. You don't want to
'I realized that viewing yourself through other people's pictures is not living your own life.'
Zac Efron overcame his substance abuse struggles by picking up the hobbies he had previously shunned over fears he would be followed.The actor rose to prominence on Disney franchise High School Musical, but behind the fame and fortune, he struggled to
You have to love us for us. You have to.
1. Broing out with their friends. You know how when you witness your boyfriend out with his best friends, it's like he transforms into a totally different bro-dude? That will always happen. Even when you're in an old folks'
Girl, ano ba.
Moving on is not easy, but it can be done. Start by ditching these seven habits that are probably preventing you from mending that broken heart. Checking his Facebook, Twitter, and InstagramIt's late at night, but you're still on your
Like actually asking someone out.
Dressing well for a date.There's nothing wrong with relying on the old t-shirt-and-jeans combo-not all dates are meant to be fancy-but dressing up for a date means you put in time and effort to look
It's time to change!
Staying silent during meetingsIt's important to voice out your ideas during brainstorming-your boss or co-workers aren't mind readers and keeping quiet all the time sends a message that you're uninterested in the discussion. Always try to actively
You can still maintain a healthy lifestyle despite your busy schedule.
Work, chores, and errands can fill up a girl's day pretty fast-before you know it, the sun has gone down and you're about to fall head to bed to start the cycle all over again. For the busy career
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