How to make sure you're definitely not ignored.
If you say you don't look at who's watched your Instagram Story, you're lying. There's nothing quite like having a night out debrief with a full fry up, scrolling through your "watched list" and
Now you see it, now you don't!
A hickey, though unsightly and a little embarrassing, is simply a bruise and nothing to worry about long-term. And, if tended to correctly-and quickly-it'll be gone in no time. That said, if you're currently stuck
Clothes have special needs, too.
The care tags on our clothes are there for a reason, and while we're so tempted to just dump everything in the washing machine, the ~adult~ decision is to keep these seemingly unimportant laundry care tips in mind.Don't even
This innovative hair product can do more than make your hair feel *fresh*.
Aside from making your three-day-old hair look brand new, dry shampoo can be used for a variety of things too: From polishing your kilay to freshening up your stinky shoes. Read on for ways to get the most out of
Clue: Grab your denim jacket!
You're setting your foundation with loose, translucent powder, and your makeup is perfection-but you look down and see that all that powder also went to your black top. Ugh! Don't you just hate it when that happens?
All you need is a soda tab!
Have you ever tried to squish clothes inside your small closet, only to find them rumpled even if they're on hangers? Here's a hack for solving that: All you need to do is save the soda tabs from your soft
Don't you just hate it when your pants zipper keeps sliding down?
If the zipper on your fave jeans keeps sliding down no matter what you do, you'll be amazed at how simple it is to fix this issue. All you need is probably right inside your bag! Let this style hack blow
Aka 'himulmol.'
Do you know the English term for himulmol on your clothes? It's called "pilling," because "pills" or small fuzz balls form when certain fabrics rub against surfaces (with other clothes, usually). Here's a quick hack to get rid of that
Bet you didn't know how to do any of these.
Think you're the queen of Instagram stories? Think again. But don't worry, these nine super cool hacks will up your game and help you regain that crown in no time.Don't be restricted by Instagram'
How many of these do you already have?
When you look at your bedroom or your work space, do you have this nagging desire to get organized, but have no idea where to start? Ahead are five items to help you tidy up and get your life together:1. A
~*Sneaky*~ ways to hide it without anyone noticing.
It happens to the best of us. We enter the salon with a certain look in mind, only to be disappointed with the finished result. While a bad haircut can be filed under "a living nightmare," there are actually solutions you can
Sun, salt, and sand, optional.
Because of the crazy weather we've been having atm, sometimes your beachy waves can turn into a dull and frizzy mess in an instant. So what's the secret to having a red carpet-ready look that'll
The platform's mobile website has been given a major upgrade.
If you're one of the many Instagram users who ignores the mobile website, it might be time to revisit it. Especially if you're always looking for ways to free up space on your app-filled phone.For the first time,
No shaving cream? No problem!
Aside from your face, neck, and chest, your hands can age quickly, too, especially if you're always in a dry environment like your air-conditioned office. The solution? Hand cream! But before you put it away after slathering it all over
No more struggling with tricky clasps!
You know that scene in How to Be Single, where Alice fashions a device to zip up her dresses? This is exactly like that, only on a smaller scale and with practically no hard work involved! The next time you're struggling
1. Hang outfits together.Same goes for certain clothing combos you never wear apart-save some time by pairing them together on the hanger. This works for layering, be it a shirt under a pinafore, as well as full outfits that you
Because those knots are a pain in the ass.
Show of hands: Who else packs their necklaces for a trip by throwing them into a pouch and praying for the best? Yeah, that never pans out well. You arrive at your destination with all of them fiercely attached to each other,
Give your feet a little wiggle room!
Sometimes, you will succumb to a gorgeous pair of heels at 75% off, even if they fit like hell. You bravely attempt to wear them during at least one party para hindi sayang, but fuck, ang sakit, so it's to the
Moldy fingers, begone!
When you love experimenting with fashion, sacrificing a few things in order to look super chic is inevitable. Case in point: piling and layering tons of rings on your fingers to nab that cool boho-luxe look, only to take them off
Make it all ~*sparkly*~.
YouTube/PureWowCGs, your saving grace to reviving silver jewelry is sitting inside your fridge. No, really! Ketchup, the condiment we love dipping our fries in, effectively makes dull, tarnished silver look brand new again. The smart people at PureWow made a helpful
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