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They've made a comeback!
Recently, we've noticed that anything that induces nostalgia is trendy again. Case in point: Tie-dye clothing and jewelry collections inspired by our old fave cartoon characters. And as we were scrolling through Instagram (as per usual), we noticed that
It's part of her lockdown natural hair regime now.
Our good pal Kylie Jenner's no stranger to a hair switch-up-remember that sprawling blonde braid she sported at the poolside (it was only at the beginning of March, but that might as well be six years ago, I've
Okay, we're convinced!
If you're into making your tresses look cute sans the damage that coloring or bleaching can bring, hair accessories are your new best friend. Clips, barrettes, headbands, and ribbons were once thought to be only for kids, but with the
You'll love these for sure!
So you've grown out of your headbands or perhaps you're just looking for something new to accessorize your locks. Don't fret, you're not the only one! Below, we round up five of the coolest
You don't need to buy anything expensive, too!
Don't know how to style your tresses for those holiday reunions? We've got a cool proposal for you: Why not try adding a bow to your hairstyle? It's the easiest way to look polished and put-
Time to step it up a notch!
Ever since a Gossip Girl reboot was confirmed, I found myself binge-watching THE original Upper East Side teen drama during my free time (which obvs equated to sleep-deprived nights and staying in on weekends.) Its was so nostalgic. It reminded
We want all of them!
Sofia Andres, like many celebs, is obsessed with wearing eye-catching and pretty barrettes on her hair. Here are a few times she accessorized her strands with boujee-looking clips:Now, it looks like she's taking her love for them
We're calling it.
Hair accessories are having a moment this summer. Candy-colored, pearly, and bejewelled hair clips are hot rn, and everyone seems to be wearing them. There is nothing wrong with riding the trend, but it can be funny to see a bunch
The bigger, the better!
A few weeks ago, we noticed giant barrettes popping up all over our Instagram feeds. From pretty bows to sparkly clips, the social media platform was and still is full of ~boujee-looking~ hair accessories. And it looks like local celebs took
We want everything!
Instagram is the avenue to search for inspo and to discover trends. This time, we spotted a noteworthy hair accessory that we want to wear rn: BARRETTES! We've been wearing these when we were children, but 2019's version
It's a look you can do for any occasion.
Hair accessories made a big comeback in 2018, and they're showing no signs of slowing down in 2019. The new go-to accessory of our favorite celebs? Hairpins! Lately, celebs have been wearing their hairstyles parted in the middle with
How much are you willing to splurge on a hair accessory?
Ribbons are one of the hair accessories we've seen become popular again this year; in fact, we always see it in our Instagram and Pinterest feeds! Have you noticed, though, how almost all of those pretty hairstyles were loosely wrapped
Which one did you get?
Looking to get a haircut for the new year? Trust us when we say you'll find your new hair peg below because we rounded up all the popular hairstyles from 2018!Wispy bangs paired with medium-length to long hair
It's nothing complicated, we swear!
Lately, we've been seeing celebrities adding chic metallic hair pins and elaborate bejewelled barrettes to their 'dos. And if you ~examine~ their looks, their hairstyles are nothing too complicated, which makes it easy to cop for the holidays! Take
Is there anything this girl can't pull off?
2018 is full of risky beauty trends. Colored lids are super hot-peach became the It color in the first half of 2018, and rosy-pink hues are currently dominating everyone's peepers in the latter half. And for the hair,
It costs less than P1,000!
Last night, the Miss World Philippines 2018 coronation took place at the Mall Of Asia Arena. And Miss World 2013 Megan Young was also there, wearing a beautiful pink Andrea Tetangco dress!But what caught our eye, aside from her gorg pink
Literally the star of her outfit!
Announcement: coronets are hot, just ask Anne Curtis! The trendsetter walked the red carpet at the ABS-CBN Ball (Also known as the Star Magic Ball!) sporting an elegant half-ponytail hairstyle adorned with a star-studded (See what we did there?)
It's making us miss our old charm bracelets, TBH.
Kyline Alcantara is one of our favorite hair chameleons. One day her tresses are violet and gray (We know it's a wig, but she still looks amazing!):Then the next, it's short and sleek.Her latest hairstyle, though,
It's a lazy girl's dream accessory.
TBH, it's easy to get stumped with hairstyle ideas, especially in the morning, when you're too frazzled to think creatively. When all else fails, we often turn to the default 'do every girl has mastered-the ponytail.
Complete your summer look!
If you're looking into ONE item that can spice up your look, it should be a scarf! It's a multipurpose piece that you can dress up and down. Plus, it's available in different colors, prints, patterns,