For easy, on-the-go styling!
You'll love these cute and tiny hairbrushes that will not only smooth out your locks but also save some space in your bag.1. Denman Compact Popper Brush D-7This clutch-friendly brush double duties as a detangler and compact
Let me count the strands.
Quickie hair lesson: Hair breakage is when locks turn brittle and break into varying lengths, while hair fall is the natural shedding of the entire hair strand from the bulb root. Hair fall of up to 100 strands a day is considered
Of course they're not the same!
Wide-Tooth CombBest used for untangling hair after showering, because this comb can help prevent breakage and damage.Goody Rake Comb, price available upon requestRegular CombIf you don't have a wide-tooth comb, a regular comb can detangle your hair post-
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