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Who else here is obsessed with her style?
Confession: I'm one of the many Pinoys who are obsessed with Crash Landing On You. I remember binge-watching a few of its episodes on one random weekend, and I haven't slept since. Just kidding! As soon as
Check out where you can buy them!
While summer may be officially over, the accessories we've been spotting on Instagram say otherwise. Meet beach- and ocean-inspired jewelry; hair clips, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that were influenced by the Philippine seas. If you want to get in
We want all of them!
Sofia Andres, like many celebs, is obsessed with wearing eye-catching and pretty barrettes on her hair. Here are a few times she accessorized her strands with boujee-looking clips:Now, it looks like she's taking her love for them
Would we recreate these IRL?
These days, we're constantly on Instagram to get inspiration for almost everything, including hairstyles. This past year in hair trends, we noticed three looks that reigned supreme: sparkly hair clips and barrettes, pretty statement headbands, and sleek glass hair. We decided
I want it. I got it.
It's already been established that hair clips are HUGE this summer. They're all over Instagram, and almost everyone you know is wearing one on their hair. But if you really want to ride the trend and stand out
From hair clips to handbags!
Put on your pearls, girls! These precious, glistening orbs have been treasured for centuries upon centuries...which is why you may feel that they're a tad too old-school for you. Petition to prove you wrong: here, 13 gorgeous pearl
The bigger, the better!
A few weeks ago, we noticed giant barrettes popping up all over our Instagram feeds. From pretty bows to sparkly clips, the social media platform was and still is full of ~boujee-looking~ hair accessories. And it looks like local celebs took
Literally the star of her outfit!
Announcement: coronets are hot, just ask Anne Curtis! The trendsetter walked the red carpet at the ABS-CBN Ball (Also known as the Star Magic Ball!) sporting an elegant half-ponytail hairstyle adorned with a star-studded (See what we did there?)
It's very '90s-inspired, too!
If you're feeling uninspired with your usual ponytail, Maja Salvador serves you up something ~pretty~ interesting and nostalgic. She wore two straight pin star barrettes '90s style-with a middle part!To add to her '90s superstar lewk,
See the <em>Darna</em> star's cute knick-knacks that she carries along with other essentials in her designer bag.