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We're loving her brand new 'do!
If you already have short locks for the summer, don't miss the chance to spice it up with a matching color! For something chic yet low-maintenance, you can't go wrong with some beachy highlights. Just take cues
Check out her *stunning* hair transformation!
ICYMI, copper hair is super trendy right now. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Doja Cat, Sophie Turner, and more have been sporting this striking dye job, and the latest star who joined the Orange Hair club is none other than Jennie Kim from
Plus, everything you need to know to get this gorgeous color!
When you talk about "hair transformations" somehow blonde quickly comes to mind. There's nothing quite like bleaching your tresses to give yourself a totally new look-especially if you're current 'do is a basic brown shade. Though going blonde is
Super bagay!
Sharlene San Pedro just surprised us with a *new* look. The actress-singer-who sported brown locks for a long time-now has an icy blonde lob, and she looks amazing! Sharlene debuted her latest hair makeover in the teaser of her
Heart's hairstylist shares how you can achieve the *gorgeous* hair color.
Another day, another hair peg to bookmark! Heart Evangelista just debuted her brand-new hair color on IG Reels, and she looks stunning as ever. Check it out: Many of her followers couldn't help but gush about her latest makeover-
We asked a hairstylist for expert advice and some flattering dye job recos!
Like they say, "Blondes have more fun!" But is there really any truth to that? If you have yet to test out the validity of this iconic statement, we suggest you dive hair first and experiment!Dyeing your hair blonde can be
Trust us, even a subtle change can make a big difference.
A glow-up doesn't have to be about getting a drastic haircut or switching to a blonde hue. Even a small change counts! Take for example dyeing your naturally brunette locks to a different shade of brown or even making
So brew-tiful.
If you're looking for some ideas for your next hair makeover, why not get inspiration from a lot of people's favorite drink: Coffee! We're pretty dependent on this beverage to get us through slow mornings, so
Saving this as inspo RN.
You've read the headline, so we'll just get straight to it: Toni Sia has a brand new hair color! We haven't really seen Toni with a hair color other than black in a while-she kept
From low-key to bright!
The hair is your playground because you can dye it in almost any shade you can imagine. For girls who love a polished look, there's chocolate brown, and for the more daring ones, they can try bold split dye hairstyles.
I’ll never look at another hair color again.
This time last year, I was standing in my bathroom with a towel around my neck, covered in red hair dye (RIP towel), and staring in the mirror, horrified at what I had tried to do to my hair at home. But
We're in love with this hue.
Hello! If you've been waiting for a sign for you to finally, finally dye your hair, this is IT! Not only is the process fun, but you'll also immediately look like a ~new~ person. It's a
Trust: You're about to see this color eve-ry-where.
Truth time: There's nothing that makes me feel more like a new person than changing up my hair color-even if I'm still the same old me, just with better hair. I love the confidence boost, the new-and-improved
I' love?
Now that we're solidly halfway through 2021 (truly unclear how this happened-isn't it still March?!), we've officially seen a few things in the hair-color world. Specifically, the fleeting summer hair trends that went hard...and faded even
BRB, screenshotting all of these.
If you're looking to change up your hair color but you can't quite decide which direction to go, there's a beautiful place between the lands of blonde and brunette that you need to know about. It's called caramel
Perfect for indecisive peeps, LOL.
Hello there! If you're a hair coloring junkie and you want to try something *new* with your locks, we have the perfect suggestion for you. Introducing: Split hair color! This hair color trend essentially means using two dyes on your
It's the perfect peg for your summer hue!
Sofia Andres officially has one foot out the door of te ~brunette world~. Her hair is now in a pretty shade of "bronde"-and no, that's not a typo!Bronde, as you can probably guess, is a combination of brown
So much gray, so much blue!
You know Billie Eilish, you love Billie Eilish, you aspire to be Billie Eilish. Guess what-me too! And besides the fact that Billie's music absolutely slaps, so does her jaw-dropping use of hair color as a way to make
Screenshot your fave for future reference.
Even though red is one of the hardest hair colors to maintain (and it takes the longest to get rid of, too), we don't blame you if your heart is set on the fiery hue. It just looks so damn
She looks super ~fresh~!
If you've been itching to get a hair makeover but you're not quite sure what you want, we found the *perfect* peg for you. Presenting: Juliana Gomez's blonde highlights! The 20-year-old has always sported