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Perfect for indecisive peeps, LOL.
Hello there! If you're a hair coloring junkie and you want to try something *new* with your locks, we have the perfect suggestion for you. Introducing: Split hair color! This hair color trend essentially means using two dyes on your
It's the perfect peg for your summer hue!
Sofia Andres officially has one foot out the door of te ~brunette world~. Her hair is now in a pretty shade of "bronde"-and no, that's not a typo!Bronde, as you can probably guess, is a combination of brown
So much gray, so much blue!
You know Billie Eilish, you love Billie Eilish, you aspire to be Billie Eilish. Guess what-me too! And besides the fact that Billie's music absolutely slaps, so does her jaw-dropping use of hair color as a way to make
Screenshot your fave for future reference.
Even though red is one of the hardest hair colors to maintain (and it takes the longest to get rid of, too), we don't blame you if your heart is set on the fiery hue. It just looks so damn
She looks super ~fresh~!
If you've been itching to get a hair makeover but you're not quite sure what you want, we found the *perfect* peg for you. Presenting: Juliana Gomez's blonde highlights! The 20-year-old has always sported
These hues look great when the sunlight hits them!
If you've been wanting to color your hair in a rainbow or pastel hue for the longest time but you aren't ready to have vibrant-looking strands just yet, we have the perfect solution for you: ~Subtle~ dye
Truly, the best of both worlds.
If you've ever looked at someone's hair color and wondered Is their hair red or blonde? Here's your answer: It's both, and it's called ~*strawberry blonde*~. Like the lighter version of auburn
Your dye job will be your little secret!
If you want to try dyeing your tresses in 2021 but you're *not* yet ready to commit to a root-to-tip bleach and color sesh, we found the perfect thing for you. Introducing: Hidden hair colors. You can keep
It's the prettiest hue!
One of the things we look forward to at the start of the new year is changing up our appearance, whether it be in the form of a new cut or color. If you want something drastic, we suggest that you go
It's a versatile hue!
Hello there! If you're looking to drastically change your appearance, changing your hair color is the easiest way to do it-you'll immediately look like a ~different~ person!Still in the dark about what color to choose? We
Find your new look here!
With 2021 fast approaching, it's about time we celebrate the New Year with a brand-new look. What better way to change your appearance than by ~coloring~ your hair! If you've been trying to find the perfect time
We're obsessed!
We can't count how many times we've recommended the lob to anyone who is looking to change to their hairstyle. It's perfect for anyone who wants a makeover but isn't ready to go really
Check out the options for fair, tan, and even *acne-prone* skin!
Your hair color has a bigger effect on your overall vibe than you think. We'd actually argue that it leaves as strong an impact as your makeup and outfit. So when choosing what dye job to get, you should definitely
Yes, you can pull off a bright hue!
Sure, it might be easy to dye your hair a little lighter than its natural color, say, a warm brown. The real challenge, though, is going for that candy hue that's been keeping you intrigued (albeit slightly frightened) since time
That box dye under your sink is finally gonna get some love.
If you're like me, you've spent the last two weeks convincing yourself you need a new hair color (or bangs. For, real though, should I get bangs?). And if you reaaaallly can't wait until you can
Prepare to want them all.
Am I the only one who finds blonde balayage photos, like, ridiculously satisfying? There's something about those soft, blended highlights and natural-looking roots that makes me want to run out and change up my entire look immediately. And since
Go for a subtle hair makeover!
Brown will always be a popular hair color choice for Pinays because of many things: It's low-maintenance-you can have your locks dyed into a chocolate hue at home and you'll still get salon-like results. It&#
These looks are actually fire.
Here's the thing about red hair: Even though it's one of the prettiest hair colors out there (l mean, have you looked at your Insta feed lately?), it's also a maaaajor commitment. "Red is the hardest color to maintain
As if you needed another reason to be pumped for summer.
Helpppp: I have this ongoing issue where every time I open Instagram I feel the urge to dye my hair. Only, like, a quarter of those urges turn into actual appointments with my colorist, but still, I can't help but
Super pretty!
Thought you left ombré hair behind in 2012? Nuh-uh... We've rounded up 21 totally dreamy colors that prove dip dye hair is just as cool as ever. Forget everything you thought you knew about ombré, these styles are beautifully