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Another hair peg!
Today in ~hair makeover~ news: Miles Ocampo now has bright orange tresses!We've always known the actress to stick to brown hair colors so she surprised her followers when she posted pics of her latest dye job. Here's
So, so pretty!
Have you always wanted to dye your hair ~*pink*~? Before you take the leap, one thing you should obviously be ready for is the upkeep. Just like going into a relationship, getting any bold dye job requires commitment, especially if you want
If it's Nadine and Jennie-approved, then it must be worth a shot.
This just in: Nadine Lustre has jumped on the copper hair train! She debuted her brand new dye job at a Nike event on May 28, and not to state the obvious, but the color looks gorgeous on her.In case you&#
What's your reaction to his new look?
We're all for new looks, and we did not see Carlo Aquino's new hair color coming.The actor just posted on social media photos of his bright blue hair, and it's been drawing positive reactions from
When in doubt, go red!
They say red isn't a color for the faint of heart, and we totally agree! A crimson 'do is striking as it is gorgeous and it's the perfect color to get if you want to stand out. But what if
We're loving her brand new 'do!
If you already have short locks for the summer, don't miss the chance to spice it up with a matching color! For something chic yet low-maintenance, you can't go wrong with some beachy highlights. Just take cues
Check out her *stunning* hair transformation!
ICYMI, copper hair is super trendy right now. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Doja Cat, Sophie Turner, and more have been sporting this striking dye job, and the latest star who joined the Orange Hair club is none other than Jennie Kim from
It's time to book that appointment!
Red definitely seems to be the hair color for the summer, because yet another influencer debuted fiery red locks on Instagram. Toni Sia recently posted pictures of her new 'do, and we were totally blown away! Check them out below:Toni
It looks flattering on Pinays!
After gravitating towards low-maintenance hair colors for the past two years, it looks like more and more people are ready to embrace ~bolder~ hues again. Lately, we've spotted many celebs sporting red hair in various shades, from bright cherry
We are living for this new look!
Barbie Imperial just debuted a fierce new look, and we are all for it.The actress took to IG to share her new red hair color, and we have to say, she looks *amazing*."B**ch u better be joking," Barbie wrote
She looks like a doll!
Streamer and host Christine Samson doesn't shy away from experimenting with hair colors. She's tried all sorts of cool dye jobs, from purple to pink. But most often than not, you'll see her sporting blonde hair-
She looks amazing!
Following in the footsteps of Heart Evangelista debuting her mauve-brown hair color at Paris Fashion Week, we now have Solenn Heussaff showing off her brand new silvery tresses-this time, at Milan Fashion Week, no less! "Ash for fashion," the It
Check out her hair makeover!
It may not technically not summer yet, but we think it's never too early to plan for your next makeover. Besides, we know many of you skipped a New Year transformation for safety reasons, so why not make up for
Heart's hairstylist shares how you can achieve the *gorgeous* hair color.
Another day, another hair peg to bookmark! Heart Evangelista just debuted her brand-new hair color on IG Reels, and she looks stunning as ever. Check it out: Many of her followers couldn't help but gush about her latest makeover-
We're ~obsessed~ with her new hair color.
ICYMI, Kathryn Bernardo is *officially* a redhead. She revealed her newest hair color on Instagram on January 30, and it looks so good on her! For a long time, the actress had golden-brown hair (which we also love, btw) so seeing
It's the first time she's changed her hair color in years!
There's something different about Heart Evangelista lately. And if you've been tuning in to her Instagram reel OOTDs (or simply read the headline above), you probably already know what we mean.After years of exclusively rocking jet black
We asked a hairstylist for expert advice and some flattering dye job recos!
Like they say, "Blondes have more fun!" But is there really any truth to that? If you have yet to test out the validity of this iconic statement, we suggest you dive hair first and experiment!Dyeing your hair blonde can be
At your own pace, ofc!
Before everything else, I'd like to remind you that it's not required to have a glow-up for the New Year. It feels like a tradition that should be followed, but it is really up to you! I
New year, new hair!
TBH, the temptation to dye our hair a bold color is a year-long affair. Aside from dressing up and putting on makeup, switching to a different shade is one fun way to express ourselves. K-pop fans know the overwhelming urge
There's a shade for everyone!
For many of us, one of the things that really signifies the *start* of a new year is a fresh cut or hair color. If you want a cool hue to usher in 2022, we suggest trying blue tresses. It's