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An expert reveals what not to do.
When it comes to getting a new hair color, you can do everything right. From stalking Pinterest to find the perfect beachy-balayage reference pic, to bringing packed lunch for a week so that you can afford to go to a fancy
And it was actually discovered by accident.
While there's nothing wrong with having gray hair, for most Pinays, it's still a cause for panic, especially if they start getting it when they're young. While there are other factors to consider when you spot your first gray
It's like a mood ring for your head.
If you find yourself wanting to try approximately 100 new hair colors a year but don't want to absolutely destroy your hair, science has officially joined forces with a real-life witch to make your dreams a reality.According to an
The results are pretty amazing!
Here's a hair hack we just discovered: dyeing hair with crepe paper! It sounds crazy, but apparently, people have been doing it for a while now and it actually works. You'll only need crepe paper, warm water, a bowl, and
No bleaching required!
We've seen a lot of ridiculously cool hair color trends in the past year-Mermaid Hair, Macaron Hair, Opal Hair, and the list goes on and on!The problem, however, is that while they all look super chic, most of them
As in, glass.
Forget foil and balayage, hand-pressed hair coloring is the latest trend in hair dyeing. NYC-based hair expert Chiala Marvici came up with the idea of using a custom-cut sheet of glass to hand press color onto her client's