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Being blonde calls for a really big change.
Congratulations! You've finally decided to try blonde hair. You're ready to embrace a whole different lifestyle: All the sulfate-free hair products, purple shampoos, and masks are now calmly waiting to be used in your shower. But besides
Time for a fearless update!
If you're clueless and confused when it comes to choosing the right hair shade that'll complement your features, you can relax now. We asked three hair experts to enlighten us on the best and worst hair colors for
Apparently, it's for an upcoming movie project!
There's something about the holidays that make us want to go darker, whether it be with our lippie choices or our current hair colors. Case in point: Sarah Lahbati, who just swapped her lush honey tresses for a completely different look.
Is she secretly a Targaryen?!
Game of Thrones' most famous redhead just dyed her hair platinum blonde - and fans of the show are already overanalyzing what it could possibly mean for the fate of Sansa Stark.Last weekend, Sophie Turner posted a selfie to Instagram showing off
'The most scary part about this whole thing is that my eyes were completely swollen shut.'
Not all fresh dye jobs are good news, and sometimes switching your hair color can lead to allergic reactions, as a health & fitness vlogger discovered the hard way. When Chemese Armstrong found out that's she allergic to a common component in
About time?!
It's been a long while coming (for her AND her fans), but the news of Paramore front woman Hayley Williams bringing out a hair dye brand is as exciting as we'd all hoped.I did it... #