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Thicken your hair without expensive treatments.
Your list of options for combatting hair fall and thinning hair is quite a long one-just ask your dermatologist. But if you want to stay away from prescription medication and surgery, you can go the natural route and opt for simple
No extreme fancy hacks or expensive products!
Ever since the quarantine has started, I noticed that the amount of hair fall I had every day was alarming. Whenever I took a shampoo my locks, I would get a bunch of strands on my hand. I would sometimes worry if
It's not yet the end of the world!
Losing a few strands as you brush your tresses or take a shower is perfectly normal, but when you begin to shed a more significant amount or you notice that they aren't growing back, that's when it becomes
Your diet may have a lot to do with the health of your hair.
Have you noticed that the clump of hair in your shower drain has been getting thicker recently? Have you been sweeping strands on your floor more often than usual? Before you start adding hair growth shampoo to your online shopping cart, you
A consistent hair care routine is still a must.
Picture the scene: You're already super stressed due to the pandemic. You just finished binge-watching K-dramas back-to-back and you suddenly realize: It's been a whiiiile since you washed your hair.Just quarantine things, right?
It's time for a change!
If you've been worrying about hair fall and can't seem to pinpoint what's potentially causing it, celebrity hair stylist and owner of Marqed Salon, Mark Anthony Rosales, may have an answer for you.A post shared
Lourd Ramos explains how you should take care of your hair and scalp.
Same with your skin, your scalp and hair go through several transitions as you age, so it's important to take care of them as much as you do the rest of your body. In the launch of Cream Silk'
Before it's too late!
Losing a few hair strands here and there is completely normal. If some fall every time you shower or brush out some tangles, there's no need to panic right away. That said, why does hair fall out in the first
Believe us when we say it, we've all had those days.
From fried to weirdly, stubborn tangled hair, our tresses get moody from time to time. And before you get exhausted Youtube-ing the crap out of hair hack videos, here are a few tips that'll help you get your dream