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Pass me the tortilla chips.
Though the pandemic has forced us to change how we live, the one silver lining of quarantine is all that extra time we've been given to slap on that neglected tub of hair mask or to try stepping back from
The experts reveal what works (and what doesn't).
If you've been obsessively Googling how to make your hair grow faster, and have landed on this page hoping for a miracle cure-a mousse you can slather on, or a chant you can perform under the full moon-then I'
Haba ng hair mo, girl!
Studies have shown that human hair naturally grows a quarter of an inch to half an inch, each month. Nonetheless, many find it difficult to get their locks long and strong. It's pretty common knowledge that regular trimming can help promote
For one, does it *really* work?
My parents have told me over the years that castor oil is the secret to long, thick hair, I've never been truly convinced. That's why I hit up three hair experts to finally get a definitive answer: Does castor oil
Here are the 10 ways to make your hair grow strong and long.
Healthy hair is underrated. We mean, in the world of chemically and color-treated hair being the new norm, we often forget the fact that we still have to keep our hair thick and alive. After all, lush shiny hair lends a
There's good news...and there's bad news.
Here's a fun little game: Open your Instagram, set a timer for five seconds, and see how many photos you can find of influencers, celebrities, and even your batchmate from high school endorsing hair vitamins and gummies as if they were
Wondering which process of hair removal is best? We give you a rundown of the pros and cons of each plus some tips that might come in handy!
Our hair is supposed to be our crowning glory. Problem is, if it's growing in unsightly places, where's the glory in that? Here are tips and tricks for you, Cosmo gals, on how to handle that hairy situation:BLEACHING: The