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Is this the treatment you've been looking for?
The internet is filled with-nay, overflowing with advice for how to grow your hair really long or the best products to make your hair super shiny, buuuut if you're someone who loves a good DIY, why not try something
You don't need to resort to a Brazilian blowout just yet.
Contrary to popular belief, fine hair isn't as easy to style because it can't hold heat-styled curls properly and accessories seem to slip down throughout the day. If you're at your wit's end,
It'll give you shiny, smooth locks with one rinse.
Hello, I have a very important announcement to make: Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is the most undervalued and ignored hair product currently sitting in your house. I'm, like, mad for your hair, TBH. As someone who has been washing their curls
Give these simple hacks a try!
If you're always nagmamadali, try these fast hair styling hacks so you won't be stuck doing your hair for more than 15 minutes every day!Instead of layering different hair treatments to get a silky smooth mane, use
Hair hacks for beginners!
While a pixie cut is a HUGE risk to take, as long as you know the right style for your face shape, you're gonna be more than okay. But if you're getting some pre-chop jitters, that's fine because ~*
Give your hot tools a rest and let your locks breathe!
Growing up with wavy or curly hair has always been difficult-you definitely envied your friends who were ~*#blessed*~ with naturally silky-straight locks. At one point, every wavy-haired girl tried to be just like them by constantly blow drying, ironing,
Get beach waves, stat!
We love getting more use out of our beauty tools. Do you have a straightening iron lying around your house? You might want to try these #HairHacks.Follow Retty on Instagram. ***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on YouTube!
Let's take your kikay-ness to the next level.
We rounded up seven of our favorite life-changing hair hacks so you can try them, too:P.S. Visit to find the hair color that suits you!Follow Retty on Instagram. ***Subscribe to Cosmopolitan Philippines' channel on
Easy AF!
Whoever said that the only way to score big curls a la Beyonce was to buy weaves and use hair irons was wrong.We came across this awesome hair tutorial on by Real Beauty by Cynthia on YouTube, where she demonstrated how
Because mastering the flat-iron wave is hard!
There's a high chance you own a flat iron and know that you can create waves with a straightener, but can't quite master *flawless* waves. Cue the knowledge that's about to be bestowed upon you in this post. 1.
And it's absolutely free!
A few months ago, we learned the surprising reason why so many celebs were into doing a deep side part for a lot of their red carpet appearances. It's because this particular hairstyle drew more attention to the eyes and showed
Including Kendall Jenner's tress tousling trick, which totally works.
Before 2015 began, we thought we knew every hair hack in the book. Turns out, there are always new and brilliant ways to up condition, boost volume and simplify styles. For that reason, we've rounded up the best of the best
That's one way to put all that bubble wrap from holiday shopping to good use.
In a video tutorial by YouTube blogger Paula Stephânia, the Brazilian beauty pushed her traditional hair rollers aside and decided to make her own curlers out of bubble wrap instead. I don't speak Portuguese and have no idea what she'
Yes, really.
In our pursuit to score beach babe-worthy waves without using hot tools, we came across this genius Insta-video, where a girl used only a shirt to curl her hair. Observe:Amazing, right?You might be thinking that this won't
Simple ways to plump up super-fine hair, define your curls, and get rid of frizz fast.
With a zillion options, how do you know which products and styles will work for you? Here, the experts share their best tips for all your most annoying hair problems. 1. The situation: Your hair is frizzy.The solution: Go for a