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They're totally easy to do, too!
Ear cuffs are having a moment, and we're not complaining at all! We've already made a list of where you could get your own pieces, and now, we're giving you ideas on how you can style your hair to
These are anything but basic.
If you're running out of hairstyle ideas to wear on special occasions, turn to these hairdos that will keep your tresses away from your face and leave you looking polished and glam. Bonus: You can easily do these by yourself!
Some girls give AF about their hair when exercising. If you DGAF, that's OK too.
Can we all agree that putting a little extra thought in our appearance before heading to the gym motivates us even more? It really doesn't hurt to be the girl in a hot pink sports bra and matching leggings, with her
So cool.
Up-and-coming actress Sue Ramirez has ditched her brunette tresses-for now! The 20-year-old debuted her fresh locks-reminiscent of the ice blonde hue seen on women such as Kylie Jenner, Daenerys Targaryen, and Queen Elsa-on Instagram:Sue'
As shown by celebs!
Sweaty strands that stick to your face and neck? Yuck. Not only is that unattractive, but the oil and sweat can trigger breakouts. Here are a few chic ways you can keep your hair away from your face, as demonstrated by these