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'I was depressed, I was anxious, and I was balding.'
Bea Benedicto explained her absence from social media in a heartfelt Instagram post. The TV host and fitness influencer started by saying that she wants "to be more real" in 2021. Then, she explained what she has been going through during quarantine: "
Yes, plasma—as in that stuff in your blood!
If you weren't born with the exact hair type of your wildest dreams, you've probably learned your way around some heat tools and intense hairstyles (though, hi, can we all accept that we're beautiful with the
Daebak! Another reason to love kimchi.
What's Korean BBQ without kimchi? Incomplete, that's what. But apart from tasting so damn good, did you know that everyone's favorite side dish has health benefits? Kimchi is fermented with probiotic lactic acid bacteria, which adds
I got the *real* reasons, along with the best treatments.
Alright, is it just me, or is everyone you know complaining about hair loss right now? Like, seriously, after I hit 23, my entire friend group and I noticed we were shedding way more hair than usual. Quarter-life crisis aside, it
Preserve your crowning glory.
It's normal for us to lose up to a hundred strands of hair per day. But if you suspect that you're shedding more than usual, it's time for a change in routine. Sometimes, the products we
Get strong, resilient strands, stat!
We all experience hair loss. In fact, we lose 50 to 100 strands a day! But if you shed more than that, it could be a sign that you have thinning strands that are prone to breakage. This condition may be triggered
These won't break the bank!
Thinning hair, or hair loss, is caused by stress, an illness, or your hormones, but there's no reason you have to live with it forever. Thanks to the extensive studies in science and beauty, there are now shampoos targeted to
What really causes hair to fall out without warning?
Given that a woman's hair can feel pretty central to her femininity, it beginning to drop out without warning can be hugely distressing for those affected. But what is alopecia, why does it cause hair to fall out unexpectedly, and who
'I want to feel beautiful, but it's hard to feel that way when you can hardly recognize yourself in the mirror.'
Thanks to the alopecia totalis I suddenly developed a few months ago, I have the rare honor of being able to say that I'm 21 and bald.I want to feel beautiful, but it's hard to feel that way when
Better check your scalp, CGs!
Bothered by your falling hair? You might want to check on your scalp condition for flakes. Although dandruff itself doesn't cause hair loss, allowing it to build up with dirt and oil can. "This forms a decomposing debris [where] bacteria can
Beauty columnist Bianca Valerio lets you in on the latest remedy for your man's thinning hair.
As young girls, we all wanted to meet our knight in shining armor, but let's not confuse the shine of armor with that of a severely receding hairline! October may be Breast Cancer Awareness month for gals, but that's not