Sadly, I was guilty of this
My usual routine is pretty simple-or at least it used to be-and went a little something like this: Shampoo and condition, apply leave-in mask (if I'm feeling fancy), then pool my arsenal of vetted styling products (creams,
So you can keep your locks fresh and healthy despite the heat!
Beauty junkies, we already know you've got your vanity tables stocked top to bottom with skincare products. But while you're making sure your complexion is smooth and healthy, don't forget about your tresses-especially in this
There's a shine-boosting oil for every one of you!
It's not just thick manes or coarse hair that can benefit from oil; even thin, fine, and oily locks can reap the rewards too. It's just a matter of finding the right elixir for you!Hailed as liquid
Hello, sleek tresses!
Hair serums are an important but often forgotten haircare products. They're packed with nutrients that help keep the hair healthy. Hair serums are important especially if you love heatstyling, dyeing, and chemically-treating your hair to make sure it stay
When was the last time you took care of your pubes anyway?
Here's a product we never thought we'd see IRL: hair oil for your pubes. Yup, it exists:Fur Oil softens pubic hair with dry touch oils that won't stain your silk Photo by @shayplatz #furyourthoughts #furoil #stilllifeA photo posted
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