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There's a growing movement of naturally curly-haired girls who refuse to succumb to hair straightening. While TV commercials still paint pin-straight hair as the ideal look, these curly-haired Pinays are defying the standards of beauty. If you're
It may take longer to do, but it's so WORTH IT.
We wouldn't be surprised if you combed your hair right after taking a bath-it's a habit we've all developed over the years after hearing stories about how "brushing it 100 times a day" will make it silky and
Sun, salt, and sand, optional.
Because of the crazy weather we've been having atm, sometimes your beachy waves can turn into a dull and frizzy mess in an instant. So what's the secret to having a red carpet-ready look that'll
Because you probably own a million of them.
The next time you have no energy to think of a hairstyle, bring out your hair pins. Here, creative ways to use 'em, as found on Instagram:Take inspiration from JoJo and make a chevron pattern to tame your wavy locks:
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