Here's how you can temporarily hide those flakes!
You shouldn't be extremely ashamed of dandruff because it happens to everyone. Translation: Chill out, sister. It's NBD.But if you're bothered about constantly shoo-ing away flakes off of your shoulders, try these hairstyles that
You might want to rush to your hairstylist, stat!
Actress Kathryn Bernardo debuted her blunt lob yesterday, October 13, Friday, via Instagram stories. She captioned one of her videos with, "Fresh cut!!"Hairstylist and hair colorist Sunmark Retiro Alonsabe of Jing Monis Salon also posted photos of the La Luna Sangre
Discover the most flattering way to part your hair.
With the right hair part, your features and face shape will appear more pronounced and balanced. It's that basic and important. Below, we discuss the most flattering ways to part your hair, based on your face shape.SQUAREA deep side-part
Time for a little throwback!
Sue Ramirez's jet black hair is as well-known as her fair skin and bubbly personality. And just like her style, her tresses have gone through major changes. To see her hairstyles through the years, read on as we go through
No brush? No problem!
We've collected the easiest and quickest 'dos you can try if your typical excuse is not having the time to fix your hair. A cool bonus: Most of them won't even require brushing your locks!1. Tame frizzy tips by
So many gorgeous options!
Take your love for all things Korean-skincare, beauty, and drama-up a notch by asking for one of these styles the next time you're due for a little snip-snip!VIDEO: Iya Mercado Follow Tisha on Instagram.
She's not afraid to experiment, and it really pays off!
Besides her dance moves and acting talent, we couldn't help but get jealz of the many hairstyles Yassi Pressman can pull off. She isn't afraid to try new trends, but she also knows how to balance her look with classic '
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