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You might want to rush to your hairstylist, stat!
Actress Kathryn Bernardo debuted her blunt lob yesterday, October 13, Friday, via Instagram stories. She captioned one of her videos with, "Fresh cut!!"Hairstylist and hair colorist Sunmark Retiro Alonsabe of Jing Monis Salon also posted photos of the La Luna Sangre
Discover the most flattering way to part your hair.
With the right hair part, your features and face shape will appear more pronounced and balanced. It's that basic and important.Below, we discuss the most flattering ways to part your hair, based on your face shape.A deep side-
Time for a little throwback!
Sue Ramirez's jet black hair is as well-known as her fair skin and bubbly personality. And just like her style, her tresses have gone through major changes. To see her hairstyles through the years, read on as we go through
No brush? No problem!
We've collected the easiest and quickest 'dos you can try if your typical excuse is not having the time to fix your hair. A cool bonus: Most of them won't even require brushing your locks!1. Tame frizzy tips by
So many gorgeous options!
Take your love for all things Korean-skincare, beauty, and drama-up a notch by asking for one of these styles the next time you're due for a little snip-snip!VIDEO: Iya Mercado Follow Tisha on Instagram.
She's not afraid to experiment, and it really pays off!
Besides her dance moves and acting talent, we couldn't help but get jealz of the many hairstyles Yassi Pressman can pull off. She isn't afraid to try new trends, but she also knows how to balance her look with classic '
Thick hair, don't care.
We often associate having makapal hair with being unruly and buhaghag. But that couldn't be further from the truth! With the right hairstyle, we know you would never want to ditch your thick tresses. If you're wondering which low-maintenance
Add that fancy, *final* touch to your look.
If you find tiaras too ~*extra*~ for your wedding day hair, try these other pretty options.1. Bejeweled hair sticks will elevate a simple half updo.Parfois Yasmein Hair Clip, P590, Glorietta2. A chignon works well with a huge barrette.3. By
No glam team? No problem.
It's no secret that A-listers get gorgeous 'dos via the skillfull hands of their hairstylists, but if you're not #blessed with a glam team, DIY is the way to go. Below, we collected the most popular celeb looks and
It looks good on her, tbh.
Kylie Jenner let go of her long locks and got a bob. Hooray for everybody! Let me present the photo evidence that the youngest Jenner received a haircut.Here's what Kylie looked like last week:And here's the haircut in
Are you going to give yourself some '80s-inspired curls or a boyish bob?
Koreans are famous for their innovative skincare ingredients and formulas, and cute and trendy cosmetic packaging. But lately, their hair looks are something you should watch for, too. We noticed that just like the French, Koreans love to wear hairstyles that look
Warning: It's gonna test your braid skills and arm muscles! Are you ready?
We'll just say it: The underrated hero of Wonder Woman was Gal Gadot's warrior braid in the first half of the movie. Look at it! If I wore that every day I'd feel like I could kick ass all
The possibilities are endless.
When you think of wedding accessories, we bet flowers, crowns, and all sorts of sparkling clips come to mind. But you should definitely add pearls into the mix; you don't have to limit them to your ears and neck anymore! Because
We want to see more of her natural color!
Blonde, pink, neon green, magenta, blue-Kylie Jenner loves to change up her hairstyle and color as much as she posts on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts. One minute she has bangs and a bob, the next she has long and blonde
If you're feeling hot, it's time to give your hair a drastic chop!
Yes, getting a pixie cut is a huge beauty risk. But it's something you might want to consider in this humid af weather, if not for style's sake. Imagine: You'll have less hairfall, you won'
Time to give your mermaid hair an upgrade!
Now that summer's about to be over and the clouds are looking a little greyer, you're safe to grow out your summer-length haircuts of bobs, pixies, and lobs. Long hair is in again, but that doesn't mean you'
These cuts will make you look ~tres chic~!
Whether or not you're a Francophile, you gotta admit: French girls are THE coolest women out there. And it probably has a lot to do with their hair, which always look effortless and perfectly frame their features! Want to bring out
Blair Waldorf would approve.
Amid the gold, silver, and black tones at Chanel's 2018 Resort Show, the models who walked the runway were transformed into Grecian goddesses by renowned hairstylist Sam McKnight. From disheveled blowouts to half-ponies to messy buns, all looks were
For that chic, effortless vibe.
In the mood to bulk up straight, lackluster hair? You won't have to go to the salon to achieve this look-you can easily do it at home! These three hairstyles, care of celeb hairstylist and "beachy waves master" Suyen Salazar,
Calling all kulots!
In the same way straight-haired girls use hair products and heated tools to polish their mane, we curly-haired gals need a few tricks to set our curls, too. Here's a heat-free way to make your curls selfie-ready!