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Plus, other habits that are secretly damaging your tresses.
They say it takes 21 days to break a habit, but when it's your hair's health that's on the line, do consider making an exception. Below, we list five bad hair habits you need to drop
Is this the treatment you've been looking for?
The internet is filled with-nay, overflowing with advice for how to grow your hair really long or the best products to make your hair super shiny, buuuut if you're someone who loves a good DIY, why not try something
No need for extensions.
Sometimes, it feels like our hair grows at such a ~glacial~ pace that we can't help but be impatient. (This is especially true if you're trying to get rid of your pixie cut.) It is, however, possible to
No makeup? No problem.
The beauty of working from home is that you don't actually need to do much to get ready. You can lounge around in your sweatpants all day and be just as productive as you are in a two-piece suit,
Para hindi sayang pera mo!
So you finally jumped the gun and decided to get your hair colored, yay! Your new hue has a life span of about a month or so before the pigment starts to fade-ang bilis 'no? How we wish our dark
Be prepared for the ~awkward~ mullet stage.
Pixie cuts are often the result of a lot of things: The "new decade, new me" mindset, a breakup, or maybe a spontaneous "fuck it" decision with your friends. It may seem like a fun ~change~ from your long tresses (which you&#
For days when your hair simply *won't* cooperate.
Here's the sitch: You wake up with what seems like a rat's nest on top of your head. Try as you might, you just can't get your hair to *respect* you and behave. Don't
Satin pillowcases = a dream; cotton pillowcases = frizz and fine lines.
Calm down, this isn't a PSA for you to drop your savings on silk pillowcases, because 1) there are affordable options out there and 2) the little investment that they are will save you from stressing out over any breakage (trust
Who knew baby-soft hair was, like, actually attainable...?
Forget about my flaky skin-my biggest pet peeve is how dry and brittle my hair gets during 'ber months. Like seriously, the very second September 1 hits, my regular ol' products decide they don't work anymore and I have
For one, does it *really* work?
My parents have told me over the years that castor oil is the secret to long, thick hair, I've never been truly convinced. That's why I hit up three hair experts to finally get a definitive answer: Does castor oil
Wait, you need *how many* shampoos?
Cosmopolitan BEAUTYCON, the biggest beauty and wellness festival of 2019, happened from August 31 to September 1 at the SMX Convention Center. Hundreds of Cosmo girls flocked to the venue to shop the coolest brands, plus they got to meet + listen to
It's time for a change!
If you've been worrying about hair fall and can't seem to pinpoint what's potentially causing it, celebrity hair stylist and owner of Marqed Salon, Mark Anthony Rosales, may have an answer for you.A post shared
Because Samgyup is life, and nothing, not even amoy ulam, can stop you.
You know this scene too well: You eat unlimited strips of grilled meat with your friends, and you lose track of time because of all the fun kwentuhan. While your tummy is satisfied as hell, your hair reeks of smoke when you
Make your dye job last!
Flaunting your newly dyed hair can give you a natural high, especially if it's dyed a shocking bright or pastel color. However, maintaining the color and overall health of your locks can take so much work. You have to use
Wait, what?
Something that all of us *most probably* know how to do is wash our hair. I mean, it's pretty self-explanatory, right? Just squeeze some shampoo on your palm, work it into a rich lather, massage on your hair, rinse,
From chemical treatments to pillows.
Lately, I've been on a mission to coax my flat, frizzy curls back into cute coils. No easy feat. So to help me on my way, I decided to hit up some of the very best curly-haired experts around
Sodium lauryl sulfate is a cleansing ingredient found in most shampoos
If you've done any extensive research into what's good to put on your curls, you've probably already come across the term SLS. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (better known as SLS), is a cleansing agent found in many soap-
These hacks prevent frizz, too.
The way you dry your hair can have a huge impact on your curls: Get it wrong and you're left with a frizzy mess. Get it right, and you've got stunning, silky coils. A lot of people assume
I got the *real* reasons, along with the best treatments.
Alright, is it just me, or is everyone you know complaining about hair loss right now? Like, seriously, after I hit 23, my entire friend group and I noticed we were shedding way more hair than usual. Quarter-life crisis aside, it
Because SPF isn't just for your skin.
I'll be real with you: Up until veryyy recently, I gave zero shit about my hair. I'm more of a skincare and makeup gal, so styling, treating, and protecting my hair has never really been on my agenda.