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A worthy sweldo splurge!
It's already 2020, but we're all still crazy about Korean hairstyles. We just love how their tresses look soft and romantic! In the name of our K-beauty obsession, we researched and found out that Vodana curling irons
All by ourselves!
Hairstyling tools are quite intimidating because they call for expert skill and practice. This is the main reason we rarely use curling irons or straightening iron every day. We think they just take so much work. Ain't nobody got time
The Complete Kit costs P29,500.
As regular users of super hot straightening and curling irons, you can imagine our excitment when Dyson released their newest innovative hair tool, the Airwrap Styler. Its main selling point is it can style your tresses, either by straightening or creating waves
Together with Janine Santarina of @Heyyjanine!
When it comes to beauty tools, we're game to try anything and everything under the sun. We're always on the hunt for a good hair iron or a user-friendly hair dryer. So when we, together with our
Stop using it on your wet tresses!
When taken care of and used properly, your hair iron/straightener can last for years. The best way to get the most out of the versatile hot tool and not damage your hair? Avoid committing these common no-no's!You&#
For easy, on-the-go styling!
You'll love these cute and tiny hairbrushes that will not only smooth out your locks but also save some space in your bag.1. Denman Compact Popper Brush D-7This clutch-friendly brush double duties as a detangler and compact
Let me count the strands.
Quickie hair lesson: Hair breakage is when locks turn brittle and break into varying lengths, while hair fall is the natural shedding of the entire hair strand from the bulb root. Hair fall of up to 100 strands a day is considered
Get them back to their original state!
There likely isn't a day you don't use at least one hair styling tool-except, of course, when you're running late or just can't give a damn. It's safe to say that you and your flat iron
Do you hate leaving your house with wet hair? These tools are the perfect fix for you!
We all strive to look our best every morning before heading out, but sometimes we're forced to leave with our hair still dripping wet. Let's be realistic: who has time to blow-dry on a daily basis? Luckily, our morning