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A small change makes a big difference!
I have to admit that the only thing that's stopping me to get K-style sheer bangs are my chubby cheeks. When you're born with a round face shape, your hairstyle options are limited. I have to consider
Don't worry—we got an actual colorist to talk you through it.
Look, in the grand scheme of things, I know it doesn't really matter that my roots are growing in right now (like, at all). But considering I have to look at myself on about eight billion Zoom calls every day,
Without regretting it.
We still cannot believe that getting a haircut is considered "dangerous." COVID-19 spreads through droplets and enters the body through our eyes, nose, and mouth. This means that close physical contact will put you and the other person at risk of
So cute!
If your locks are feeling a little ~blah~ but you don't want to do anything drastic to it, such as cutting, bleaching, or dyeing, you may just change the way your hair looks by heat-styling it. An easy one
You'll never reach for a curling iron again.
Beach waves are indeed pretty, but doing this hairstyle by yourself can be *too much*. If you're not accustomed to curling your own hair, working with a curling iron can be an arm workout. Plus, excessive use of hot tools
Enhance your beauty knowledge.
Because of COVID-19, people are advised to stay at home (aka social distancing) to prevent the rapid spread of the disease. It's a privilege that we can opt to be in our homes in the midst of a pandemic,
When DIY is the *only* way to go.
So you've decided that you want a new look, specifically Joy from Red Velvet's hair. Her long hair with full bangs is too cute not to cop-think K-style meets cool girl. Plus, Joy's IG
It's #SarilingSikap time!
Summer is the perfect time to get a haircut-the change of season just pushes you to try something new! But if a salon trip isn't possible, you can dare to do it yourself. For today's #SarilingSikap challenge,
Chic and effortless.
Fixing your hair for special occasions can be a challenge. It's not every day that you style your locks, and perfecting a certain hairstyle takes practice. Because of these concerns, we usually give up and just tie our strands into
You know what they say: Practice makes perfect (curls)!
There's something about having beautifully styled curls that makes me think I can conquer anything, whether it's an important meeting or a school reunion. Whenever I step out of the salon, I'm always extra confident because I feel sooo
Copying ASAP!
Lately, we've been so obsessed with Korean hairstyles-we just love how effortless and bouncy each hairdo looks. Naturally, we always research the ways we can cop K-style hair. We already found tutorials on K-style bangs and S-
When you're chosen to be part of the entourage, you can bet that you'll be in almost every picture next to the bride and groom. It goes without saying that you have to look your best at the
Achieving this hairstyle just got easier.
With summer upon us, you probs want to change up your look by giving your hair some curls and waves. You can achieve this is by using a curling iron-which is the easiest and most basic way to do it. Braiding
The Star Wars fever continues! We spotted this amazing hair tutorial of YouTuber Kayley Melissa, where she transformed her locks into the most iconic hairstyles of Princess Leia, Padme Amidala, and Rey.Her instructions are surprisingly easy to follow, and the hairstyles-
Don't worry, it doesn't involve wigs and scissors.
If you're one of the many women who secretly dream of getting short hair but you're too afraid of commitment to do so, we may have found a solution for you. Don't worry, it doesn't involve wigs and
No time? No problem!
Okay, so we hear you, CGs: Getting sexy bed hair for Valentine's Day isn't as easy as 1-2-3. Because really, who wakes up looking like a freakin' Victoria's Secret angel?!We turned to the best hair teacher (
It's perfect for showing off your neck and shoulders on a super hot date!
Find out how you can achieve the perfect updo for hot summer months. (P.S. You'll need a real sock!)
The matinee idol got the Outstanding Actor Award in a Drama Series for playing a mentally challenged boy in ABS-CBN's primetime drama.
Actor Gerald Anderson received the Outstanding Actor Award in a Drama Series during the 2013 Golden Screen Awards last Friday, March 1, for his titular role in the ABS-CBN drama, Budoy. The 22-year-old played a mentally challenged boy in