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'She bangs.'
Angel Locsin just debuted a new hairstyle, and we're loving it.The actress recently dropped photos of her fresh look, featuring layered tresses and a fringe that we see a lot among South Korean actresses."She bangs," Angel captioned her
When in doubt, go red!
They say red isn't a color for the faint of heart, and we totally agree! A crimson 'do is striking as it is gorgeous and it's the perfect color to get if you want to stand out. But what if
Let's take a look at the B-E-S-T!
Sandara Park will always be famous and aside from her beauty, personality, and talent, we'd also like to give a round of applause to the many hairstyles she pulled off during 2NE1's promotional activities. For new fans, the &#
You'll thank us later.
If you want to nourish your damaged strands without the lagkit, I highly suggest one crucial step. I'm talking about a scalp-focused hair care routine.Starting hair care from the source, aka the scalp is vital when you aim
Welcome to Year 3 of the Cosmopolitan Philippines Hot List!
Hello there! Summer's just around the corner, and we're pretty sure that like us, you're starting to feel the ~heat~, especially now that we're somehow out and about again.For the third year in a row, we've
We are living for this new look!
Barbie Imperial just debuted a fierce new look, and we are all for it.The actress took to IG to share her new red hair color, and we have to say, she looks *amazing*."B**ch u better be joking," Barbie wrote
A medium-length cut is *so* versatile.
When the itch to get a haircut arises, it's practically impossible to ignore. You just can't help but comb the internet for pegs that would transform your look and ultimately flatter your face shape. But if you're not sure
It's the perfect low-key makeover.
Heaven Peralejo just debuted a ~fresh~ new haircut on Instagram, and it looks so good on her! For reference, this is what her hair looked like before the makeover: From her long tresses, the 22-year-old actress now sports a shoulder-
New year, new hair!
TBH, the temptation to dye our hair a bold color is a year-long affair. Aside from dressing up and putting on makeup, switching to a different shade is one fun way to express ourselves. K-pop fans know the overwhelming urge
All the haircut inspo, right this way.
Thin hair and fine hair are terms often used interchangeably (I'm guilty of it, too), but let's get something straight-they're not the same thing. "When referring to fine hair, what you're really talking about
Want a sweet makeover? Then consider these adorable haircuts!
We know, we know, cutting your hair short can be daunting. But what if we tell you that it's just a matter of picking the right length and style for you to feel less "naked" when you decide to chop off
Check out Kyline's chic makeover!
Lately, many celebs have been serving us fresh hair inspo just in time for the holiday szn-and our latest peg is none other than Kyline Alcantara! The 19-year-old actress recently got a new layered 'do, and she looks *
She's got bangs, too!
Another day, another hair peg to bookmark! Ivana Alawi just gave her bob haircut a ~fresh~ update, and she looks amazing. On Instagram, Korean hair salon Zero One Story shared pics of the vlogger-slash-actress' latest 'do.Here'
You’ll be surprised at how these simple haircuts can transform your look!
It's that time of the year again-and by that we mean it giving your hair a makeover! If your trips to the salon are scarce, and instead, you choose to go only a few times a year for your big
The secret to having long, healthy hair is here.
Have you felt impatient waiting for your hair to grow? Like you're done with your bob haircut stage and you're ready to move on to long, layered hairstyles.I've been there, too! Hair does grow, but
Kulot and proud!
We always see celebs with salon-worthy blowdried hair, so it's refreshing to see them posing for a cute selfie with their natural hair texture. Even Khloe Kardashian posted a recent pic of herself with her curls! That said, we
You don't need to spend much on these tips!
I think we can all agree when I say that being prone to having greasy hair is the worst-especially when you're trying to lengthen the days between your designated wash days (a must for girls with colored hair, TBH!)
Uhhh, whoops.
Ah, yes. The million-dollar question: How often should I wash my hair? Honestly, hate to break it to you, but there's no quick, easy answer. I, too, wish there was a universal rule of thumb or formula to follow,
No need to go to the salon.
Getting soft shiny hair is a basic beauty goal that we all aimed for since we hit puberty, aka the age when we became conscious of our looks. Pre-pandemic, we would just sit in the salon chair and wait for our
Aka a love letter to her ever-changing looks.
If you're planning to switch up your hairstyle, you should check out Bea Alonzo's best looks. Her hair is always perfect whether she's going for something casual or polished. She has also tried short and long