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It's all about safety!
Babies love to grab people's hair. The scary thing is, when a single strand wraps around one of their fingers or toes, or even their genitals, it can cause nerve damage!To keep baby Baz safe, new momma Divine Lee
She's Lara Jean no more.
We all know and love Lana Condor as Lara Jean Song Covey, the sweet and awkward teen from the Netflix movie adaptation of the hit YA fiction, To All The Boys I've Loved Before. You know, the lucky girl who
A fringe will change your look and lifestyle.
Before you finally convince yourself to get bangs, we tell you the truths about living with them. This hair makeover will change your look and lifestyle. Be prepared to adjust your routines-both hair care and skincare. Slowly ease into the fringe
It's so easy to achieve.
Lately, so many famous faces have the same shiny, blunt haircut. According to Refinery29, hairstylists have dubbed the trend "glass hair " because the geometric style looks sharp, sleek, and glossy-like a piece of glass!The good news with this trendy hairstyle
She looks so fresh!
This year, bangs made a comeback, and the hottest style to date is sheer bangs.-the K-beauty-approved trend.The latest famous face to join the see-through fringe club is Julie Anne San Jose. Yes, the same girl who also
It looks SO good on her!
We rarely see Solenn Heussaff without her long, brown hair. She usually styles it in our fave look: loose waves. And we think there's nothing wrong with Solenn sticking with a hairstyle that works for her; we all do it,