She looks like a doll.
January is almost over, but here we are, still talking about bangs. Celebs have been getting a fringe left and right, and the latest to try out this haircut is Ivana Alawi. She has always sported long caramel brown hair, so when
Super chic!
January is almost coming to an end, but it's never too late to have a "New Year, new me" hair transformation. Case in point: Janella Salvador's chic new bob with blunt bangs. Janella surprised us all by posting
Another iconic look!
2020 is definitely the year of the bangs, as we spot another celebrity fringe inspo care of Selena Gomez. The singer-actress got full bangs in December 2019 and recently updated her look with a side fringe. Her hairstylist Marissa Marino posted
LOVE this!
We're only 18 days into the new decade, and while I'm trying to remember to write "2020" instead of "2019" on all forms, Kylie Jenner is out here doing the most and just debuted her second major hair
The result is just WHOA.
Blake Lively's incredible blonde locks are, at this point, almost as widely beloved as her ability to troll her husband Ryan Reynolds. Frankly, I've become accustomed (if not borderline dependent) on seeing her platinum mane transform with every red
Call up your hairstylist RN.
January is probably my favorite month of the year (other than my birthday month, obvs). It's a time for ~new beginnings~, fresh starts, and setting goals. But instead of making a resolution I know I'll end up breaking
Screenshot this and show it to your hairstylist ASAP.
We're already a few weeks into 2020, but if you're still searching for inspo for your "New Year, new me" haircut, maybe Janine Gutierrez's latest chop will ~motivate~ you to go to the salon!Janine recently
Say yes to a DIY makeover!
In 2019, Pinays caved in and got a fringe, and we predict that this haircut will still be big in 2020. Ease in to trend with little commitment (ICYDK, bangs are high-maintenance!) by getting curtain bangs. These frame the face and
They also revealed their go-to stylists!
Aside from finding the perfect haircut peg, looking for the best salon to make your hair dreams come true is a quest, too. To help you narrow down the search, we asked the girls from our Facebook group Cosmo Mixers (it'
See the signs!
Hello, everyone! How're the first few days of 2020 holdin' up for you? Are you still in the mood for change, and by change we mean haircuts? Or you're still not sure if you *really* want one?
It's time to hit up your hairstylist.
You guys, the lob (aka a long bob that ends somewhere between the chin and the collarbone) is alive and well. Yup, the haircut that took over the beauty world/all your feeds/every red carpet back in, like, 2017 is still
Prepare to feel super rich with all that salon savings.
I get it: Getting a haircut every eight to 12 weeks can get stupid expensive. That's why I'll be the first to admit that I've definitely taken things into my own hands (literally) from time to
We *really* liked bangs this year.
We definitely didn't give our locks a break this 2019-it seemed like there was always a new 'do that was trending on our Insta feeds. Here, we rounded up all the ~cool~ hairstyles and haircuts we saw throughout
Dare to be a DIY kween this 2020!
The year 2020 is almost here and you're probably itching for a hair makeover. Unfortunately (and kind of expected), salons are packed during this season. Worry not because we've got your back! If you can't wait
New Year, new hair!
The end of 2019 is almost here, and bangs are still hot! Celebs left and right have been sporting this hairstyle throughout the year, and the latest star to jump on this trend is Julia Barretto. The actress just got a fringe,
Come and get it!
The end of December is one of the most popular times to get haircuts. Welcoming January with a fresh hairstyle kinda tells the world you're ~*ready*~ to start over and conquer the new year!If you're Team New
We're totally here for it!
On December 18, through his official *digital* Instagram page, Piolo Pascual posted a photo of himself sporting a new salt-and-pepper haircut, which appears to be inspired by George Clooney. The caption reads: "Keanu Reeves out, George Clooney in!"The actor
But, like, don't.
Raise your hand if you feel attacked every time a celebrity debuts a new hairstyle, forcing you to grab the scissors and try to achieve the same look but only worse because you decided you don't need professional help! If
Super fierce!
Miss Universe candidates are always seen with long hair, and most of them are brunette and blonde. But for this year's pageant, Miss Universe France chose to be different. Maëva Coucke sported a blunt lob. She is a natural
Snip, snip, snip!
We did an~in-depth~ investigation, and we've concluded that the bob haircut is the It Hairstyle of 2019. The classic 'do look good on everyone, and it's basically wash-and-wear. We can't blame celebs and people we
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