Is there anything this woman can't pull off?!
Many local celebs like Bela Padilla, Coleen Garcia, and Sue Ramirez, have jumped on the hair trend of getting teeny tiny fringes aka micro bangs. While the hairstyle might seem daunting for most (myself, included), Lauren Reid is the latest celeb to
She really loves taking beauty risks!
Arci Muñoz loves to often change up her hairstyle and hair color via clip-on extensions and wigs. She even made a ~tribute video~ "to all the dyes I've loved before." Lol! Her real hair, though, is a chic
She looks so fresh!
This year, bangs made a comeback, and the hottest style to date is sheer bangs.-the K-beauty-approved trend.The latest famous face to join the see-through fringe club is Julie Anne San Jose. Yes, the same girl who also
It looks SO good on her!
We rarely see Solenn Heussaff without her long, brown hair. She usually styles it in our fave look: loose waves. And we think there's nothing wrong with Solenn sticking with a hairstyle that works for her; we all do it,
We have options for every hair length.
If your thickening hair products are taking a while to work their magic on your locks, try these hairstyles to make your tresses look voluminous, stat!Wavy Bob Sporting loose waves and a deep side part will give your mane that much-
Should it be blunt of asymmetrical?
Bobs are having a moment rn thanks to this hot weather that won't seem to go away. So if you want your back, shoulders, and neck to feel presko again, find out what kind of bob will suit your style!
It's super cool and trendy!
After reports circulated that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are currently taking a break, the singer was recently seen sporting a new (and post-breakup?) haircut: A ~*blunt bob*~! Whether straight or wavy, the neck-grazing style gorgeously complements her round face
Here's a roundup of who changed their hair this year!
We're looking back at all the (local and international) celebs who made major changes to their hairstyles in 2017-whether they added bangs, made a drastic chop, or dyed their tresses in fun and crazy colors!The trendy content creator
It's the shortest haircut she's ever gotten.
Arci Muñoz let go of her super long locks and traded it for a fresher, shorter, 'do. Her asymmetric lob is courtesy of Hairshaft Salon's Creative Director, Carl Dana. Carl kept the front layers long to frame Arci's face.
Because you know it's time for a new look!
Tired of your current hairstyle? If you're afraid of to chop off your long locks, having bangs is a great way to refresh your look. Watch the video below for the best style that will complement your face shape!VIDEO: Jean
Three girls tried salons with varying rates.
Some salons offer haircuts for as low as P50, while others go as high as P4,000. We then wondered if an expensive cut guarantees fantastic results, or if it's okay to be practical and go for low-cost ones. To
It's so easy to copy!
We've always stuck to layers whenever we get haircuts, but it seems like things are taking a different turn this season. Taking into consideration the rise of K-drama influence, Hollywood trends, and local celeb sightings, it appears that shaggy tresses
Low-maintenance hairstyles for anyone who hates regular salon trips.
Hairstylists always tell us that it's necessary to have regular trims to maintain your cut's shape. But how often can you get one, really? Let's be real: It's tough to include haircut appointments in your ~*busy*~ sched (your
In short, all of us.
When it comes to hair, many Filipinas are still hesitant to explore and step out of their comfort zones. After all, when you find the perfect hairstyle that suits your face and fits your lifestyle, why would you risk trying something unfamiliar,
It doesn't matter what your face shape is; this chic 'do will work for you. And we found the celeb faces to prove it.
All the cool girls know that the bob is trending again. The good news: anyone can totally look good while rocking this style. All you need to do is find the right length, texture, and shape that'll flatter your face shape.
Thinking of getting a makeover to ring in the new year? Check out these cutting edge looks for your locks!
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