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Discover the most flattering way to part your hair.
With the right hair part, your features and face shape will appear more pronounced and balanced. It's that basic and important.Below, we discuss the most flattering ways to part your hair, based on your face shape.A deep side-
Here are the looks you can try with your lob!
Just because you have short hair doesn't mean you have to be stuck with one style while you're growing it out. If your tresses are at the lob stage, then here are six Selena Gomez-inspired looks that you can
No brush? No problem!
We've collected the easiest and quickest 'dos you can try if your typical excuse is not having the time to fix your hair. A cool bonus: Most of them won't even require brushing your locks!1. Tame frizzy tips by
Thick hair, don't care.
We often associate having makapal hair with being unruly and buhaghag. But that couldn't be further from the truth! With the right hairstyle, we know you would never want to ditch your thick tresses. If you're wondering which low-maintenance
Are you going to give yourself some '80s-inspired curls or a boyish bob?
Koreans are famous for their innovative skincare ingredients and formulas, and cute and trendy cosmetic packaging. But lately, their hair looks are something you should watch for, too. We noticed that just like the French, Koreans love to wear hairstyles that look
The possibilities are endless.
When you think of wedding accessories, we bet flowers, crowns, and all sorts of sparkling clips come to mind. But you should definitely add pearls into the mix; you don't have to limit them to your ears and neck anymore! Because
Couldn't make up your mind? Pick one for the ceremony and another for the reception!
If you're getting married soon and can't decide whether to wear your hair up or down (Or maybe both?), don't worry. We're giving you four options guaranteed to complement your features and your dress.
Time to give your mermaid hair an upgrade!
Now that summer's about to be over and the clouds are looking a little greyer, you're safe to grow out your summer-length haircuts of bobs, pixies, and lobs. Long hair is in again, but that doesn't mean you'
The not-so-basic hairstyle that's perfect for summer.
The bob has been part of the fashion scene since (what feels like) FOREVER. But now, it's been given an upgrade with an edgier piece-y version. Say hello to the bad-gal bob! According to Vogue, It girls like Suki
And it's adorably named after a fruit!
The struggle is very real to get up every morning and properly do your hair and makeup. Luckily, this low-maintenance 'do will save you time when fixing your hair so you can cut your routine shorter.According to Byrdie, the
The inspo you need for your next haircut!
The swag and chillaxed, messy fringes may be the It haircuts of the moment, but the lob is just as popular as it was before. Because really, how could you not love the lob??? It's universally flattering, it will give your
Everybody's doing it.
Long hair is amazing-you can do a million things with it (Hello, Elsa braid!)-but sometimes it's nice to switch it up and cut your hair to your collarbone. And sometimes, there might be a real benefit to doing
And look, here's Kylie Jenner wearing one.
Yep, they sure are. Courtesy of hair accessories brand Scünci, temporary tattoos for your hair now exist and here's Kylie Jenner wearing one because what is she if not an early adopter of all things coiffure? The tattoo appliqués
If you haven't already, here's why it's time to lose the length.
This year's biggest haircut trend is- without a doubt-the mid-length. The "middy," "lob," or "inbetweener" as it has been coined, sits just above the shoulders and is the perfect move-on length for those of us attached to long
This is officially our favorite fashion thing.
Don't you hate it when you accidentally leave your hair tie in the house and you just feel, uh, naked? Well, what if we told you there's a way to help you to NEVER forget your hair tie at home?
He deserves an award for this. Clap clap!
Greg Wickherst is no ordinary dad. As a single parent to a little girl with long, blonde locks, he knew he had to step up his game-or at least learn how to tie a proper ponytail. But he ended up learning
Jared Leto totally rocked them though.
Jared Leto's hair game? Still #strong. Last year, the Oscar winner received praise for his low, loose ombre bun. This year, he showed up at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards sporting a messy braid down his back. Braids and men don'
Yup, you can wake up like this.
Sleek, shiny strands are sooo last season. Just take a look at the latest street styles and magazine editorials-all the coolest people are sporting roughed-up tousled strands. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to do, too. "Separate towel-dried hair into
Read before you chop.
We're gonna get real with you: Sporting perfectly-framed bangs probably requires a lot more coif commitment than you realize. Sure, it looks edgy and cute at the same time. And yes, Zooey Deschanel does pull off her fringe flawlessly. But
And other hair concerns.
Chopping your hair off is not the easiest decision in the world.It is an emotional rollercoaster that involves looking at a gazillion Pinterest boards, and discussing cuts and colors with your officemates over lunch before you actually have the courage to