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These styles are anything but cheesy, btw.
Need an excuse to take your hair out of that greasy-ass bun you've been wearing all month (...year)? Here's a hot little tip for ya: Valentine's Day is quickly approaching-and whether you're celebrating with your
So, so pretty!
Aside from her sweet singing voice, one of the things we love about Rosé is her hair-she's one of our forever pegs! She's known for constantly changing up its hue, plus making it look pretty with waves,
The fringe was *in* this year, people.
Make no mistake: 2020 was the year of bangs. It seemed like everyone was getting a fringe-whether it be a curtain, wispy, or full. We can see why it became popular, though. It was a great way to change up your
No flower crowns included.
The best part about the festival season, IMO? The hairstyles. Festival season gives you an excuse to be super extra with your hair. From bright hair colors to fun hair accessories, there's no limit to all the looks you can
PSA: Ponytails aren't just for the gym, k?
As much as I love a ponytail, I'll be the first to admit that it's kindaaa a cop-out hairstyle. Like, sure, they're perfect for running errands or "going to the gym" (aka running errands in
I'm legit in love with these hair looks.
Whether you're celebrating with your boo or going out with your friends, Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to try out a new hairstyle. Buttttt, it can be low-key hard to find that perfect look. You don&#
Less time preparing, more time eating!
Hello! It's still the holiday szn aka when your schedule is packed with reunions and parties with people you actually like, lol. Anyway, this also means that you'll have to prep yourself quite *a lot* during this season.