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These styles are anything but cheesy, btw.
Need an excuse to take your hair out of that greasy-ass bun you've been wearing all month (...year)? Here's a hot little tip for ya: Valentine's Day is quickly approaching-and whether you're celebrating with your
'I even cried because of the pain a few times.'
When we think of iconic K-pop hairstyles, one that immediately comes to mind is Sandara Park's palm tree (or pineapple) ponytail from her 2NE1 days. It was first featured in the music videos for "Fire" and "Lollipop," and people
I promise it won’t be terrible.
Look, there's always a honeymoon phase when you chop off your hair into a pixie. But after settling into the reality of short hair-like spending eight million years smoothing out your baby hairs and feeling high-key panicked when that
So cute!
If your locks are feeling a little ~blah~ but you don't want to do anything drastic to it, such as cutting, bleaching, or dyeing, you may just change the way your hair looks by heat-styling it. An easy one
She changed her hair again!
Literally a day after Kylie Jenner surprised us all with new, short hair, the 22-year-old has changed it up again-this time going for a long, golden brown style that makes her look a lot like older sister Kim.Just
Be prepared for the ~awkward~ mullet stage.
Pixie cuts are often the result of a lot of things: The "new decade, new me" mindset, a breakup, or maybe a spontaneous "fuck it" decision with your friends. It may seem like a fun ~change~ from your long tresses (which you&#
BRB, just booking a perm.
If, like us, you find yourself stuck in a hairstyle rut, may we suggest you look to the one and only Selena Gomez for inspiration?It was only back in January that Selena brought back one of our favorite '00s hair
See the signs!
Hello, everyone! How're the first few days of 2020 holdin' up for you? Are you still in the mood for change, and by change we mean haircuts? Or you're still not sure if you *really* want one?
Minimal effort required!
ICYDK, a long bob or lob is one of the most versatile haircuts out there. It perfectly hangs in the balance between short and long hair. It's also universally flattering on all face shapes, which makes it a crowd favorite.
It's an emotional roller coaster.
Bangs seem to be the hottest hairstyle today, and as public service, we want to let you know ~everything~ you'll experience once you get a fringe. Below are the stages one goes through after cutting their hair based on real-
We've got heat-free options, too!
PSA: Bangs are cute and all, but they're not a wash-and-wear 'do. They require special care and styling techniques-which you can't escape from unless you're blessed with hair that's behaved
This is what hairspo dreams are made of.
Hi, hello! I think I finally realize what Lizzie McGuire meant when she said, "This is what dreams are made of!" Turns out, it's not performing as your pop star doppelgänger during a school trip in Italy. No, my friends,
It's like the high ponytail's much cooler sister.
Hello, it's time for important Heart Evangelista updates. If like us, you're forever tuned in to Heart's Instagram posts and stories (yes, we like to live vicariously through her), you would know that she's
Admit it, you fell for it, too!
Lovi Poe just did a big Instagram prank, and it was pretty convincing.The actress took to Instagram Stories to ask her followers if she should get short hair.The poll options were "Go for the new look!" and "No! Maintain length!"
So fresh!
Jasmine Curtis-Smith just introduced her newest look on social media, and it looks amazing."Short hair, don't what?" she captioned her black and white photo.Fans and even Jasmine's celebrity friends couldn't help but rave
You can do these in five to 10 minutes!
I'm the resident lazy person of my friend group, but if you saw my hair every day, you probably wouldn't know it. Seriously, by the time I'm finally done snoozing my alarm in the a.m.,
Only the Queen of the North could pull this off.
YOU GUYS. HELLO. I'm coming at you with an incredibly important hair update. In what appears to be a totally spontaneous move, Sophie Turner just got BANGS, and they're absolutely amazing.She's currently doing the press tour
The bangs are everything!
We've always loved Kryz Uy's sense of style, and her hairstyles have always been en pointe.Today, she just debuted her newest haircut, and it looks amazing! "Felt a little adventurous today. Love is in the hair!" she
That long hair? Gone!
Summer is coming and Jessy Mendiola just got the freshest, breeziest cut perfect for the season. The actress had her long hair chopped off by celeb hairstylist Antonio Papa, and it looks a-ma-zing.The blunt bob is a refreshing change
Get your dream waves using everything from hot tools to hair hacks.
If you think that soft, tousled, just-napped-on-a-beach waves are only synonymous with Victoria's Secret Angels, think again. Wavy hair has re-manifested itself as a cool girl staple for 2019, and Gigi Hadid, Demi Lavato, Hailey