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No one will ever know. ;)
If you drank one too many cocktails last night and have a massive hangover and need to be somewhere important today, here's how you can make your skin look plump and radiant!Glamour reported that one to two glasses of
That whole beer-before-liquor thing? N-O-P-E.
Hangovers can involve a slew of unbearable symptoms, from a throbbing headache to nausea and indigestion, dizziness, the shakes and sweats, fatigue, brain fog, irritability, and general malaise. It's no wonder people go to great lengths to avoid them.Unfortunately,
These could save your life!
So, you didn't stop drinking when you were buzzed like you're supposed to, and you forgot to down a bunch of milk thistle, activated charcoal pills, and B vitamins before you even got started. Rookie move, Amateur Hour (that's
Like we needed another reason to love ice cream.
We usually eat ice cream to beat the heat, combat a sore throat, and nurse a broken heart, but thanks to South Korea, you can now add, "cure a hangover" to that list!Reuters reports that a chain of convenience stores has
And it's SO EASY.
Good news for those of us who like to go out for a few quiet drinks on a Monday night that turns into seventeen cocktails!Actual scientists have figured out that if you drink pear juice before you go out, it'll
Unless you're planning on going teetotal? Didn't think so.
Alcohol is processed in the body by the liver, and this is dependent on two liver enzymes: alcohol dehydrogenase (ALDH) and aldehyde dehydrogenase (ADH). As you get older, it is thought that the efficiency of these enzymes starts to decrease. Alcohol is
Yes—before AND during, too!
Ask any expert, and they'll tell you that the best way to avoid a hangover is to lay off the booze, mostly because there's no hard-and-fast, research-backed remedy. But the truth is that sometimes, even experts who
Sure, they won't treat your headache, but at least they'll make you look prettier.
We know your migraine is killing you right now. But that's not an excuse to look like crap for the rest of your parties today. Here, our favorite beauty products for faking eight hours of sleep, even if you do feel
Had too much fun last night? Here are some quick fixes (we've actually tried) to help ease the pain.
Cure your hangover with one of these tried and tested remedies:1. BreadIt will act like a sponge and absorb the remaining alcohol in your system. 2. BananaMunch on a banana to replenish the potassium you've lost while drinking. Tip: Mix