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Rain and Kim Bum's upcoming series will be available on the app *soon*!
Don't you just love it when you can watch your favorite K-dramas anytime you want? Unlike before when we have to ~patiently wait~ for an episode to air on TV on a certain timeslot, we now have streaming apps
Did you know that she starred in a TV spinoff of the 'Bourne' movies?
In the acting world, Han Hyo Joo's resume is more than impressive-especially considering how she got her start in the entertainment industry. She was discovered in 2003 through a Miss Binggeure contest (yes, the Korean food company). Two years later,
Like did you know he’s super close to his family?
Though he was lovable long before he starred in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, there's no dying that we all fell harder for Park Hyung Sik when he became our Min Min. And just when we thought he was too good
For each hour earlier that you get up, you reduce the risk of depression.
If you prefer sleeping in and snoozing your alarm, it might be time to change your habits. According to a study by researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, morning people are actually happier
Which series tops your list?
We're *almost* done with 2021 and OMG, we have watched so many high-quality K-dramas! From crime thrillers to rom-coms, we have spent sleepless nights binge-watching these shows and nope, we have no regrets. In fact, we&#
Even though they’re super predictable.
We already did our research on why people *love* scary TV shows and horror movies: It provides all the thrill without any threat. That rollercoaster of emotions you experience while watching The Call, for example, triggers your fight-or-flight response, which
Self-validation can sometimes be difficult to learn.
In this day and age when everything is on social media, you probaby can't help but be bombarded by sleek and sometimes staged images of what "the good life" should be. It's understandable to have the need to
It's nice to be nice, but not to the detriment of your own self.
It's past 7:00 p.m. on a Thursday night and you're about to miss your yoga class. You're now regretting agreeing to finish off your officemate's work while she jets off to Palawan.
And no, it's not about finding 'The One.'
A romantic relationship isn't the only kind of relationship that brings happiness. No matter what your tita says about it, being single in your 30s isn't a bad thing. In fact, being single at any point in your
Clue: It’s a happy number.
In the latest World Happiness Report (2019), the Philippines ranked 69. The results and ranking compare the happiness quotients of 156 countries. In the last report, the Philippines ranked 71st in the happiness meter, so we upped our happy score by a
Who says you have to be sad when you eat out alone?
If you don't mind not having company when eating lunch at work, or if you enjoy watching a rom-com without a date, or if you're actually quite content with being a fifth wheel with your own hotel
There's actually a scientific reason. What a relief!
So you know that one acquaintance you can't stand for no other reason than the fact that she is just so damn cheerful all the time? Well it turns out, you weren't just being irrationally bitchy (what a relief)-there'
One study says so!
Good news, selfie lovers: A new study published in Psychology of Well-Being now suggests that taking selfies might actually give you a mood boost.In the study, 41 students were asked to download an app to their smartphones and track their
Despite studies that show social media is basically destroying your life.
It feels like every single day, a new study "proves" that social media is basically destroying your life. Some say it's linked to depression. Others claim it can end friendships and contribute to eating disorders. But for everyone who has no
Remember that this is only temporary.
I moved to New York City with a dollar and a dream. OK, I had more than a dollar in my pocket but it wasn't very much. Right after graduating college, I moved to the city on a whim after getting
Keep track of all of the things you're grateful for during your day.
A lot of the time, "do this and you'll be happy" lists read like directions on how to make ice cubes. Like, duh, you should exercise and eat vegetables. But what else? A recent AskReddit thread prompted users to reveal the
Literally, right now, at your desk.
1. Breathe yourself calmWhen you feel yourself getting rattled by your mounting to-do list or your bottomless inbox, take a breather-literally. The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique is a natural tranquilizer for your nervous system, and you'll feel the
'I was proud of my accomplishments, but I wasn't genuinely happy.'
Work isn't everything for model and actress Cara Delevingne.While the model and actress is a a clear success by anyone's standards, Cara no longer sees excelling in her job as the only path to happiness. Instead the 23-year-
Like diets and high heels.
Being happy should be simple, but with all these insane rules and social pressures that we put on ourselves, it's actually kind of hard. Isn't that so sad? I think it's the worst, personally. A little #LifeHack, though, is