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'I was NOT this cute.'
ICYMI, Emma Watson had the wittiest yet still graceful reaction to a recent photo mix-up in the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts special.On January 1, HBO Max debuted the special episode, which reunited the three lead actors of
'I used to come in every day and look for his number on the call sheet.'
Hello there, fellow Potterheads! Newsflash: Emma Watson revealed the *exact* moment she "fell in love" with her Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton.In case you didn't know, Emma has confessed in various interviews that she had a crush on
Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and more are reuniting!
We don't know who needs to hear this but the first Harry Potter movie came out in 2001. As in, nearly two whole decades ago. We're not okay either. But here's something to look forward to!
We can't help you if it's an issue IRL.
Dark, brooding, and complicated. Oh, and don't forget evil. This deadly combination is a strong force in the "bad guys" you see on shows, movies, fanfics, and more. Heck, they've probably made their way deep under your skin-
We're so jealous!
Lovi Poe is living the dream of every Harry Potter fan out there!In a video posted on her Twitter account, the actress shared the short birthday greeting she got from Tom Felton, the Harry Potter actor who played the role of
Time to rewatch all the OG movies!
Harry Potter fans recently *freaked out* when rumors of an HP TV series began circulating, but HBO and Warner Bros. announced that it's not ~a thing~. Okayyy then...this is probably a sign for us to just rewatch all the
Imagine Dan on TikTok!
Much to the dismay of Potterheads around the world, the Harry Potter franchise's biggest star, Daniel Radcliffe, isn't on social media at all. The actor doesn't have Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, and he just revealed why.
Dudley Dursley actor Harry Melling plays Harry Beltik in 'The Queen's Gambit.'
The Queen's Gambit quickly became our latest Netflix obsession when it dropped on the streaming platform on October 23. From the brilliant cast to the stellar fashion moments, the limited series was an instant, marathon-watch worthy hit.And, speaking
Yup, her first language is *not* English.
The Queen's Gambit is a new show on Netflix that has been getting a lot of positive attention on social media. It stars Anya Taylor-Joy who plays the chess prodigy Beth Harmon. Since then, she's been taking
Nobody overreact, but it turns out that Draco Malfoy appears for a sum total of just 31 minutes in all eight of the Harry Potter films. To put it in perspective that's about the same length of time as an
Sign me up ASAP!
In J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, aspiring students need a formal invitation letter to attend the fictional Hogwarts, but when it comes to the real world, it turns out that all you need is a stable internet connection. Yep, thanks to
'I'd never come across anything like it. I was like, this has to be real. Magic has to be real.'
For a lot of us young adults, our youth was made more special with the ~*magical*~ book and film series: Harry Potter. There really isn't anything like the wizarding world of our beloved childhood heroes-Harry, Ron, Hermione, and, yes,
'As a human being, I feel compelled to say something at this moment.'
Author J. K. Rowling decided to hop on Twitter in the middle of Pride Month and ongoing protests against racial injustice to fire off several transphobic tweets. The Harry Potter author wrote, in part, that "if sex isn't real, there's
Calling all Potterheads!
Listen up, Potterheads! Take a walk down memory lane and recount the events of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, the first ever installment in the Harry Potter book series written by JK Rowling. Even better, listen to globally-acclaimed
He's been sober since 2010.
Daniel Radcliffe has spoken out about his struggle with alcohol, specifically towards the end of filming the Harry Potter films, saying that it was "panic" about the franchise coming to an end that caused his drinking to spiral.Speaking on Radio 4&#
Listen up, Potterheads!U.S. filmmaking company Warner Bros. Entertainment has announced its plans of building a Harry Potter theme park in Tokyo, Japan. OMG! It will reportedly be similar to that of the Warner Bros.' studio tour facility in London.
Our childhood in one picture.
Your Christmas present from Emma Watson just came early, after the actress shared a Harry Potter reunion photo on Instagram. And it's MAGICAL.The Harry Potter cast is no stranger to a reunion. Whether it was the time Tom Felton
We can't guarantee that one of the pieces isn't secretly a horcrux.
Still secretly waiting for an owl to drop by your door and give you your Hogwarts acceptance letter? Or perhaps you're hoping to stumble upon an invisibility cloak or the Marauder's Map while rifling through your basement? Don&#
TBH, we'll always be a little bit in love with Cedric Diggory.
The cast of Harry Potter have been feeling very nostalgic lately. Whether it's Tom Felton revealing whether he'd be interested in a Cursed Child movie, or Rupert Grint revealing the "spark" between Tom and Emma Watson, Hogwarts fans
SOMEONE is living for the drama.
Good morning to fellow members of House Hufflepuff only: There's an important update about Tom Felton and Emma Watson, aka your favorite imaginary couple. According to their Harry Potter costar Rupert Grint, dude who clearly lives for the drama, these