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And here's Ae Ra's look from the series:Follow Ysa on Instagram.
A wedding essential for every millennial bride!
Without a doubt, 2016 was the year of local celebrity weddings! We at Cosmo.ph have had many sleepless nights (true story) waiting for wedding updates and Insta-stalking celebs for their latest posts on social media. One major thing we noticed
Yes, this service exists.
We all know how crazy expensive weddings can be-especially if you go all out on your special day. But one extremely savvy editor-turned-businesswoman just threw her hat in the ring, and this is what she has to offer: custom
The great thing about IG is that unfollowing someone is as easy as clicking a button.
1. THE GYM RATYou've seen too many of his post-workout sweaty selfies that scrolling through IG makes you feel sticky. His canned inspirational fitness quotes would work much better if you didn't have to stare at his man-nipples.
#BLESSED (Loljk!)
If you're sick of the same old selfies and kinda gross food shots cluttering up your Instagram feed, it's time for you to get out and discover the bigger IG world that's out there! We've rounded up some
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