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Unfortch, it's a lil bit complicated.
Can I first just say that migraines and headaches are the f*cking worst?! Like, you wake up ready to get shit done and BAM! your brain is throbbing and you can no longer be a human.When that shit strikes, it
Most of these natural remedies are super simple.
The worst kind of headache is the one that sneaks up on you. You could be working diligently, minding your own business, and then a minute later, you start to feel a mild discomfort in your head. If you're unlucky, it
The pain resulting from these conditions is so sore it can be 'disabling.'
Sorry to state the obvious, but pain is never a pleasant thing. It's hard to ignore, and chronic pain in particular can end up having a psychological impact, affecting a person's mental health as well as their physical
Cheers for worsening my mood, life.
As if it wasn't bad enough that once a month women get plagued with stomach cramps, emotional ups and downs, and a desire to eat anything we see; we also seem to get headaches around our time of the month.
No wonder we always get those headaches!
Ponytails are the most convenient hairstyle known to mankind. They're the answer to freakishly hot commutes, half-hearted attempts to leave the house on lazy weekends, and looking somewhat presentable after sweaty gym sessions. So far, so good.But as most
They might be trying to tell you something.
If you ask anyone who suffers from migraines, they'll tell you they feel like hell on earth. And did you know that women are four times more likely to get them than men? Pretty shit, right?What causes the searing pain
You might not be drinking enough water!
Whether they affect you every now and again, or pester you on a regular basis, headaches are never fun to deal with. We're here to help! Olivia Murphy from nutritional website Inner Me explains how you can cure your own head