Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?
Breakfast can divide people into two teams. Those who simply skip it or those who wake up ravenous in search of the nearest bowl of cereal. But is almusal really the most important meal of the day? And what happens to your
Excuse me while I have a major girl power moment!
It's no secret that men are built differently that women and are oftentimes physically stronger. However, science suggesting women have greater muscle endurance than men could level the playing field once and for all, according to a new study recently published
It's actually a great workout!
To the untrained eye, yoga seems like an extreme sport. All the twists, splits, and balancing that certain positions require look borderline dangerous. That doesn't stop us from wanting to try it, though! People who do yoga make the ~zen~ life
It can put particular strain on important bodily functions.
Most of us have an area of our body that just seems to attract excess fat every time we gain a few pounds. And sadly, it never seems to be our boobs, where we'd probably quite like it to go.But
Here's how you can finally have a flat and toned tummy.
It's the start of the year, and most of us are jumpstarting our #BalikAlindog goals. Losing the puson is a common target for most ladies because, well, #BikiniBody. Unfortunately, this area is stubborn to get rid of, and you need determination
This before-and-after photo shows where 30 pounds of muscle really goes.
Seven years ago, the now Instagram-famous fitness guru Emily Skye (@EmilySkyeFit) weighed just under 104 pounds. "I was obsessed with being as skinny as I could be," she wrote in a recent Instagram caption.To make it happen, Emily forced herself
Know when you're pushing yourself too much!
You know that momentary guilt you feel when you *know* you should be working out, but you're pulling your blanket over your head instead? There's absolutely no need to feel this way! As much as we'd love to be
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