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Time to plump up those peaches.
Eating a balanced diet, getting our daily steps in and drinking plenty of water are just a few of the ways we can stay healthy and live longer lives. One thing we didn't realize could improve our life expectancy though,
Clearing up some *intimate* mistruths, once and for all.
Anyone with a vagina will know that there is plenty of information out there about them-not all of which is correct. From long-held myths about what (and where) your vagina actually is to confusion around the difference between thrush and
It only takes a few minutes!
Getting a good night's sleep is easier said than done, as those who struggle with snoozing can more than attest. If you fall into that camp, you'll likely have tried everything from yoga and journaling before bed, to
It's time to debunk some myths about how this disease is developed.
There are all sorts of myths about breast cancer, like that a lump is the only symptom you can get. Another one-and something 36-year-old Lauren Mahon believed was the case until her own diagnosis five years ago-is that
Grab your tissues!
Ever been in a situation where you desperately need to sneeze but end up holding it in? Maybe you're on a packed MRT or you're studying in the library. Well, it turns out that no matter what the
Know more about the types of ID you can get and the benefits that come with it.
If you've previously applied for a job, you may have already encountered the words "PhilHealth identification." For those who are new to the workforce, this is often an unfamiliar term. Chances are, you've probably wondered: What's
The physician opened up about her story in a Twitter thread.
A doctor's experience with ovarian cancer has gone viral on Twitter after she opened up about how her symptoms were mistaken for a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).Neuroscientist Dr. Nadia Chaudhri, who lives in Canada, shared her story with her
Surprisingly, it's got nothing to do with hygiene.
A doctor has gone viral on TikTok after sharing a video explaining why it's not a good idea to pee in the shower if you're a woman (or have female anatomy). Apparently, it's got nothing to
'I've learned how to slow down and prioritize myself, too.'
It's been a little over two years since I started working from home on a daily basis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To be completely honest, transitioning to this kind of setup wasn't quick and easy. Let&#
There is stigma even in the immunization drive.
For people living with HIV, access is the biggest hurdle to getting vaccinated against COVID-19, not hesitancy, advocates said, as they called on authorities to make sure that the long-running stigma does not influence how the jabs are administered.Fear
No room for body-shamers here!
In June 2021, Angel Locsin shared a peek at her new diet plan, showing that she has been on an 800-calorie diet. Angel recently opened up about the reason for her weight loss journey, saying in an episode of the online
What *exactly* does the pill do to your body?
Did you know that Pinoys Googled "birth control pills" the most in the first trimester of 2021? A recent study by the iPrice Group shows that in the Philippines, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rising interest in
Including the factors to consider in choosing the right one for you.
Here's an interesting fact you might not know about: According to a recent study by the iPrice Group, results show that in the Philippines, there has been a rising interest in birth control. It seems like now more than ever,
There's a growing interest in condoms and emergency contraceptives, too.
It's no secret that our lives have completely changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mental health has definitely been affected (to the point where we sometimes find ourselves randomly crying during quarantine), and we all had
She responded to a netizen who tried to bring down her celebratory post.
If you've been following Pauleen Luna these past few months, you'd have noticed that she's been consistent in updating about her fitness journey. She's taken up pilates and indoor cycling, apart from making dietary
Don't overlook this common symptom.
We all experience bloating from time to time, whether it's the result of a big lunch, the onset of PMS or a bout of anxiety. But if you find yourself feeling frequently bloated, it might be worth paying attention to,
I remember tearing up a little and saying, 'I don't want it.' LOL.
Do you still remember what it was like to get your period for the first time? Unlike all my other friends who started menstruating when they were around 11 to 14, I got my period pretty early-at the age of nine,
You've got to try this!
In my line of work, I spend *several* hours online. When I'm not on my laptop, chances are you'll see me scrolling through my phone. Not gonna lie, my screen time can get pretty intense. In fact, as
'Y'all ever thought maybe people have health issues you don't know about?'
On May 20, Frankie Pangilinan tweeted a video of her getting her COVID-19 vaccination. She wrote, "When I got an asthma attack mid-PE in middle school and everybody made fun of me, I swore I would get back at them