'Now, we’re mature enough to handle situations along the way.'
We all want a happy ending in love, but sometimes life gets in the way, or we're just too young to know a good thing when we see it. For these three Pinoy couples, it took being apart for years before
It's all in the mind, baby.
Even if you're the partner to orchestrate a breakup, it can still be really awful. Not only have you now got to adjust your life accordingly (what will you do with all that extra time?), but chances are some horrible
Some silver lining in a truly dark time.
Truly the only good thing about your first big breakup is that it only happens once. The first break up you go through-the first real one, with someone you had googly love eyes for- is particularly brutal. But it's
When you get dumped, your body goes into survival mode.
In the movies, whenever two characters break up, the next scene often involves binge-eating junk food. In reality, the first few days after a split are more often a stomach-churning affair, with food being the last thing on your mind.
'I almost died of an overdose when my boyfriend left me. What I learned is that nothing or no one is worth more than your life.'
No matter how long it's been since your most devastating love experience, the lesson you learned from it stays with you. This lesson may be a reminder of your worth, a discovery of your strength, or the realization that things always
Jumping into a new relationship right away is <i>not</i> one of them.
Here's a terrible universal truth: breakups are a bitch. But with a few tweaks to your post-breakup practices, you can speed up your recovery and soon be ready for romance again. Below, our tips.1. Bawl. Like a baby.Do
We pay tribute to one of the greatest singers of all time in this gallery of classic songs by the late Whitney Houston.
By now, we're sure you've heard that the woman who influenced a generation of singers, musicians, and regular folks like us to pursue our passions (and purge our emotions through song) passed away last Saturday at the age of 48.
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