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There's nothing a good playlist can't fix.
Fighting with our boyfriends suck bigtime. Do you ever feel like you just want to throw things around and scream, then sit in a corner and cry? Here's an idea: let's cut back on the drama and channel all our's <i>Bitter Endings: Top 100 Patama Quotes</i> book has <i>winner</i> lines to help you get over your bad breakup.
How can you forget your ex without having to resort to murder? believes that laughter is the best medicine, but snarky humor is best reserved for dealing with a relationship's ugly demise.We at Cosmo couldn't agree more!
Revenge never tasted so sweet! Take a look at the singer's famous exes and the songs they inspired.
For our cover girl Taylor Swift, a breakup isn't complete without a bestselling song to remember it by (If only we, too, could get sweet revenge with a catchy chorus!). And since it's no secret that the Grammy winner has
This week, Jaco talks about heartbreak, and gives girls helpful tips for moving on. Attaboy! His third photo gallery is easy on the eyes, too!
You can count on an artist to know what it means to fall in and out of love--then make something beautiful out of it. Our August Cosmo Online Hunk Jaco Benin--a budding actor and musician--proves that he can do
You don't always have to be angsty about a lost love, especially during the Love Month. Here's our playlist to get you through.
Yes, we totally get it. The sight of couples holding hands everywhere or girls carrying enormous bouquets of flowers on Valentine's Day wasn't an easy sight for those of you who are nursing a broken heart. But, there's nothing