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The headphones have mini cat ears!
Local online shop The Pink Gamer PH is where you can shop gadgets and accessories in all shades of pink. They've got gaming consoles and controllers, microphones, smartwatches, cameras, and more all decked out in pretty blush tones. We recently
You'll want to collect everything!
Hello Kitty fans, here's another thing you'll want to add to your collection of Hello Kitty-themed things: Skechers is coming out with a sneaker collection featuring your favorite Sanrio character and you'll want every single
Isn't it so kawaii?
Ready for a nostalgic trip? We spotted something that'll remind any true-blue '90s kid of their childhood: Polaroid has a Hello Kitty-themed camera and it's so kawaii-cool!If you're a fan of
You know you want one!
It almost seems too obvious to say Hello Kitty has been everywhere in the past couple of years-from locally made leather bags to phone cases, and to makeup. Not hard to see why, though. The 46-year-old Sanrio character has
Harry Styles follows her on Insta, NBD.
Just as how K-dramas have amassed a loyal international fanbase, Thai series are also starting to gain traction overseas, including here in the Philippines. If you're in dire need of a new show to binge-watch, then you'
'90s kid, we found your dream kitchen appliance!
You probably hit "add to cart" immediately after seeing these Hello Kitty-themed rice cookers, which were as cute as can be and perfect for '90s kids and Sanrio fans alike. If you've already copped one of those, you&#
Adding to cart ASAP!
Stop everything because we're about to show you the cutest makeup collab ever! Cosmetics brand Cathy Doll just dropped their Hello Kitty series and we want every item!Every item in the collection comes in rose gold and pink packing
These rice cookers are made to be cute and functional, too!
Hello Kitty fans might just spend more time in the kitchen with these adorable new kitchen appliances. Introducing Abenson's Hello Kitty Collection featuring two kinds of rice cookers. These are only available through Hello Kitty multi rice
Everything is super cute!
It was like a childhood dream come true when Sanrio Wave, the Asia Pacific subsidiary of Sanrio Co., Ltd, approached Kat Erro to propose a collaboration with her line of leather bags, Katre. Kat couldn't believe that a global brand-one
A match made in '90s kids' heaven!
Hello Kitty fans, we know you'll drop everything and run to cop the latest products featuring your fave cartoon cat-whether it be leather bags, quirky backpacks, or graphic tees. Well, ready your wallets because we found something that'
Maybe a pretty beep card will make commuting less terrible.
Commuting in Metro Manila is pretty much a daily obstacle course-minus all the fun aspects of the sport. One essential weapon for the commuter is the beep card; arguably the most precious one in your arsenal. And if it's
All your Sanrio favorites will be there!
Subic Bay's Inflatable Island in Zambales may have been around since 2017, but it just keeps getting bigger and cuter every year. There was the Giant Unicorn Island in 2018 and a five-storey high Unicornzilla in early 2019. This
They're so cute!
Everyone has their fair share of obsessions. For some people, it's sports. For others, it's video games. And for quite a number of you, it's Hello Kitty. No, seriously-we know your love for the Japanese
It includes tumblers, mugs, umbrellas, and more!
Sick of all the Hello Kitty merch yet? Nope, we didn't think so. If you're still looking to add more to your growing collection, here's where you can go: Japanese lifestyle store Daiso Japan has a
We honestly just want EVERYTHING!
Hello Kitty x Converse is officially happening! The Fall 2018 collection dropped globally this month with a bunch of adorable designs we can't wait to cop!Check out our exclusive pics below:Chuck Taylor All Star - Converse X Hello Kitty,
It even has a photobooth!
When Gift Gate closed down in 2017, our only solace while saying goodbye to our childhood was the opening of the Hello Kitty-themed café in Uptown Bonifacio. Well, now you may want to take things further and ride Japan's
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Everything is so ~kawaii~.
Brace yourself: It's about to get real cute in here. ICYDK, Eva Air offers special Hello Kitty-themed flights around Asia as well as select flights to Europe and the US. The airline has teamed up with Sanrio, Hello Kitty's
~*So kawaii*~
It's not surprising that Hello Kitty is permanently embedded into fashion iconography; after all, how many people read her name and instantly imagine her chic little red bow? But now the popular mascot is embarking on quite possibly her cutest beauty
Can she get any cuter?
Wonder Woman won't be shown in Japan until August 25, but Warner Bros. is already paving the way for her over there."Warner Bros. has teamed up with Sanrio, the owners of the Hello Kitty brand, to give its iconic character