You can't go wrong with any of these classic styles.
A shoe has evolved into much more than just protective footwear. It's an expression of style, and for some, a coveted design piece.Here we round up the most iconic pairs of designer shoes of all time.The Pigalle Pump
Singaporean social media influencer Jamie Chua has more than 200 Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags in her walk-in closet.
Meet Jamie Chua.Apart from being one of Singapore's richest entrepreneurs, Jamie is best known as the woman with one of the largest collections of Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags.Jamie is said to own more than 200 Hermès
Only until March 28!
We've always admired Heart Evangelista's innate talent for painting, a passion which she combines with another evident love-fashion.In the past, the actress has held runway shows and exhibits to display her works of art; now, she's doing
Michael Coste, head of external relations of The Hermès Group, brought her to the company's famous secret garden.
Actress Heart Evangelista, who's also making her mark as an artist, recently visited the famed secret garden of Hermès in Paris. It is located on the rooftop of the designer brand's head office on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.
You will not believe how much it's expected to make.
Christie's Hong KongAnd now, for news about pretty things we just cannot afford: A Hermès Birkin is set to break records as the most expensive handbag to ever go on the auction block. Experts are counting on it to sell
Because one woman did!
Are diamonds still a girl's best friend? In a move that's far from conventional, one man asked for his girlfriend's hand in marriage by offering her-nope, not the typical diamond ring-but a bespoke Hermès Birkin! This
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