How *exactly* does a hickey appear?
There are two kinds of reactions when someone gets a hickey: 1) "Fuck, how do I cover this up?!" and 2) "Is that a hickey? Cool." Apart from knowing that hickeys appear right after a hot and heavy make-out session, what
Now you see it, now you don't!
A hickey, though unsightly and a little embarrassing, is simply a bruise and nothing to worry about long-term. And, if tended to correctly-and quickly-it'll be gone in no time. That said, if you're currently stuck
Love bites.
Apparently, pregnancy scares and several STD risks aren't worrisome enough, so the world gave us one more thing to worry about: hickeys. Can you believe that? HICKEYS!A hickey, aka God's gift to foreplay, reportedly caused a teenage boy to
Sneaky, sneaky.
You go home with a guy after a night out and things start heating up fast. In the heat of the moment, he sucks on your neck a little too hard and you're left with a souvenir. Shit! But don&#
Because you are a grown-up and you do grown-up things.
Hickeys happen. If one day you wake up and see them on your neck before leaving for work, do not panic and look for that high-neck top you bought for that trip abroad many years ago. Remember, you are a grown-
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