Can you finally say goodbye to tiis ganda days?
Oh, high heels. While strutting in them can make you look and feel sexy AF, the consequences of wearing your favorite 4-inch stilettos on a night out are anything but sexy.So what if we told you that there is a
You only need a Band-Aid!
High heels are a pain, but there's a shoe hack you can do to make them comfier.Here's what you do: Use a Band-Aid to to tape your third and fourth toe together, counting from your big toe. Weird,
They're a pain, but we can't stop wearing them. Here's how to make 'em comfier.
1. Buy your shoes in the P.M.Have you ever bought heels in the morning, only to realize they actually don't fit you when you wear them in the afternoon? That's because your feet tend to swell later in
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